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30 Awesome Grandparents That Are Winning At Life

Like a fine wine, these wonderful people got BETTER with age.  Submitted by: Tagged: awesome , old people , Grandpa , win Share on Facebook


English Soccer Fans Already Wasted a Lot of of Beer Before Winning the World Cup Semifinals

A big day for British soccer (or football) fans when their team is competing in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup against Croatia. If they win, they head to the final against France. If they lose, they at least can take pride in making it farther along in the tournament than their country has be...


Kourtney Kardashian and Penelope Disick Are Totally Twinning Wearing Matching Swimsuits in Italy

Mommy and me has never looked this good! Kourtney Kardashian is now on her third week vacationing in Italy, and her days have been all about... Read More >>


World Cup presenter's delirious reaction to England winning on penalties is everything

It's fair to say this year's World Cup has produced some nail-bitingly tense games.  Tuesday night's knockout match between England and Columbia has to be one of the most nerve-shredding so far, though. SEE ALSO: Japan leaves touching thank you note and a spotless locker room after World Cup lo...


How to Start Winning eBay Auctions by Sniping With Automatic Bidding

When it comes to winning auctions on eBay, there are few practices as controversial—or effective—as sniping. Sniping is simple: You wait until the end of the auction, then swoop in with a low bid that’s just high enough to win before anyone else can raise their maximum bid. Sn...


Award-Winning Filmmaker Fatih Akin To Direct Stephen King’s ‘Firestarter’ For Blumhouse

Stephen King’s “IT” is the new “Iron Man,” right? When “Iron Man” reignited the superhero genre in 2008, studios quickly snatched up the rights to almost everything that was related to superheroes. And after last year’s “IT” took off and be...


Michael B. Jordan Takes a Savage Dig at Roseanne Barr After Winning Best Villain at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

What a burn! Michael B. Jordan was honored to win the Best Villain award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards for his portrayal of Erik Killmonger in... Read More >>


Patient Rule-Abiding Dog Outside Café Is Really Winning People Over

Not all dogs are great at the obedience thing. But one who is particularly good at following the rules has rapidly stolen the internet’s heart after a Twitter user posted photos of the pup, who was very patiently waiting for his owner outside of what appears to be an office café area. &...


Kevin Durant: ‘I’m Just Not Obsessed With Winning Championships’

Collecting championship rings is not Kevin Durant‘s raison d’être. The back-to-back NBA Finals MVP says he plays basketball for a myriad of reasons, including personal growth. What does Kevin Durant want? https://t.co/h11FglePQ6 — Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA) June 12, 2018 KD...

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