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Which Hawaiian Island Should You Actually Visit?

Find out which island best fits your vacation style. View Entire Post ›


Surface Go vs iPad 2018: which 10-inch tablet is best for you?

It wasn’t long ago that Apple rose to meet Microsoft’s 12.3-inch Surface Pro with its very own, 12.9-inch iPad Pro. So, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft met Apple in kind with its own 10-inch tablet (again): the Surface Go.The Surface Go seems tailor-made to combat the lates...


Build A Doner Kebab, And We'll Reveal Which German City You Should Be Living In

Kebab, gyro, shawarma — whatever you call it, let it call the shots. View Entire Post ›


White vs. Pink Noise: Which Will Help You Sleep Better?

Is pink the new white? Find out why pink noise may be better for your sleep and memory. If We Heard from Aliens, What Would It Look Like? - https://youtu.be/PswBhfUnwr0 Read More White, pink, blue and violet: The colours of noise http://www.wired.co.uk/article/colours-of-noise "Ever wondered why w...


Which "Mamma Mia" Song Should Be Your Summer Anthem?

Thank you for the music, ABBA! View Entire Post ›


Among the moons is Valetudo, which appears to have smashed into several of Jupiter’s large moons and broken them apart.

Credit: Roberto Molar-Candanosa, courtesy of Carnegie Institution for Science.A newly discovered moon around Jupiter — spotted traveling in a strange orbit — likely crashed into some of the gas giant's other satellites long ago, transforming a few worlds into many. The m...


Which Boyz II Men Song Should You Make Love To Tonight?

♬ and I'll hold you tight, baby all through the night ♬ View Entire Post ›


Twitter Drops Navigation Bar to Bottom, Which You’ll Love Even If You Don’t Yet

Twitter has been testing a bottom navigation bar in its beta track for some time now, but they started rolling it out to everyone this morning. People are a bit pissed off at the moment. Trust me, though, you’ll grow to love it, especially if you have a bigger phone. The wave of reviews that h...


A Comparison Guide to Amazon Echo Devices: Which One Is Best for You?

If you have any interest in home entertainment, you’ve surely heard of the Amazon Echo. Once considered nothing more than a gimmick, Alexa now powers a growing number of devices. Between revamped models and all-new offerings, a lot has changed since the Echo first launched in 2015. With so man...


Here's which Kardashian lost the most followers in the Twitter Purge

The Twitter purge is upon us. Followers are dropping like Russian robot flies. And like every revolution, it is our ruling class who now feels the swift fury of justice. America's first family (the Kardashians, of course) have a child billionaire, a momager extraordinaire, and an undeniable Kween in...

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