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Now this… this is an ultra-wide monitor

I’ve been working with an ugly but functional lopsided two-monitor setup for years, and while it has served me well, I can’t say the new generation of ultra-wide monitors hasn’t tempted me. But the truth is they just aren’t wide enough. Or rather, they weren’t. Samsung...


75% price drop: 4K ultra HD action camera just $49.99

GoPro has always been the popular choice of action camera, but the price point of $400 for the latest model presents you with two issues: Do you have that much cash to splurge on a camera, and once you’ve got something that valuable, are you going to risk breaking it during an overambitious ba...


LGR - Gravis UltraSound: Retro Sound Card Retrospective

Taking a look at the legendary wavetable sound board from 1992! The Advanced Gravis Ultra Sound is still an awesome thing to experience with DOS PC games, assuming you can track one down. ● Consider supporting LGR on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LazyGameReviews ● Social links: https://twitter....


UK government wants every home to get ultrafast full fibre broadband by 2033

The government intends to make full fibre (fibre broadband running direct to the house or office premises) connections available to everyone in the UK by 2033.The National Infrastructure Assessment 2018 report – which deals with everything from roads to recycling and digital infrastructure dev...


Xperia XA2 Plus is now a thing, because Sony forgot XA2 Ultra exists

Sony Mobile The Xperia XA2 Ultra has quietly surfaced on Sony’s website, delivering few changes over the XA2 Ultra. The two phones share the same horsepower, main camera, and battery capacity. It’s not all doom and gloom, as the new phone has LDAC and Hi-Res Audio support for better a...


Snag this ultra-slim Bluetooth speaker on sale for 69% off

A lot of supposedly "portable" Bluetooth speakers are actually the opposite, ranging from bulky, heavy, and awkward to just too delicate to take with you anywhere (unless you want to shell out the exact same cost for a replacement speaker). When you just want to cart your tunes with you to the beach...


Netflix tests new price increase strategy for 'Ultra' subscription plan

Netflix price changes are always controversial. But luckily, it looks like the streaming company's latest strategy for getting more money out of users won't affect most of us (for now). The streaming giant confirmed to CNET that it has been testing out a new tier for its pricing models for select us...


Netflix Testing New 'Ultra' Tier of Service That Cuts Premium Plan Streams From Four to Two

Netflix is reportedly testing a new tier of service for subscribers that supersedes the existing top tier Premium plan, according to Italian blog Tutto Android. Titled "Ultra", the new plan would allow up to four devices to receive Ultra HD and HDR video, and audio streaming at the same time. In It...


Netflix tests Ultra plan

Customers of the streaming service Netflix can choose between three plans right now: basic, standard, and premium. The plans determine the quality of the streams, the number of screens customers can watch Netflix on at the same time, and to how many devices they may download movies and shows to. It...


Say hello to the ultra-slim Asus Chromebook C223

Asus’ Chromebook C223 might have leaked through a Norwegian retailer. Even though availability and pricing are unknown, the Chromebook C223 might be a low-end Chromebook. Even though Asus is best known for its smartphones and Windows-powered computers, the company also cranks out Chromebooks...

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