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Breaking Down The Trademark Elements Of A Sofia Coppola Film

Since the very beginning of her career, the daughter of renowned filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola paved her own way and forged her own style in the world of cinema. The filmmaker has a vision that is the arguably the antithesis of her fathers. Sofia Coppola directs her films w...


Plimsoll Gear, which sells T-shirts with icon, threatens trademark lawsuit

Enlarge (credit: Darren Hillman) A California-based maritime news website, gCaptain (which also happens to sell T-shirts with the 150-year-old shipping icon known as the Plimsoll Line) has been threatened with a strange trademark lawsuit by another website known as Plimsoll Gear. The owner of gCa...


Mathematical models show that the trademark popping sound comes from the collapse of tiny cavitation bubbles in the knuckle joint.

Credit: Image Source via Getty ImagesBored and anxious humans have long ‘cracked’ their knuckles. But only in the past 60 years have scientists put serious thought into the physics of knuckle-cracking. The reigning theory, proposed in 1971, was that the sharp popping sou...


Trademark filings could hint at LG’s Micro-LED plans

LG appears to have filed for three Micro-LED brand names in the EU – XμLED, SμLED, and XLμLED. Each filing has a long list of potential uses including smartphones, computers, and wearable devices. While still in its early stages, Micro-LED display tech is expected to be game-changin...


The Great British Bake Off host Noel Fielding ditches his trademark long locks for short do as he prepares for parenthood

Noel Fielding has had his trademark long black hair cut off [Noel Fielding/Twitter] Noel Fielding has undergone a huge style transformation and chopped off his locks.  The Great British Bake Off presenter is known for his quirky style and trademark long hair.  But he showed off h...


Kylie Jenner ‘picked and trademarked daughter Stormi’s name MONTHS before giving birth’

Kylie Jenner “picked and trademarked” her baby daughter’s name months before giving birth[Instagram/ Kylie Jenner] Days later, Kylie Jenner revealed that she and her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott named their daughter, Stormi Webster.  And now it’s been revealed th...

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