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These Honest Confessions From a Workplace Are Painfully Relatable

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What Makes These Earbuds So Special?

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are a value focused set of wireless earbuds. For $69 you get a good sounding pair of headphones that are lightweight, fit well and have 8 hours of listening battery life. They've also got a cool magnetic on/off feature and are capable of quick charging up to 5 hours of l...


Celebrate Shark Week's 30th Anniversary With These Killer Cocktails

The 30th anniversary of Shark Week is here — and what better way to celebrate the milestone than with a drink inspired by these underwater predators. Discovery Channel's schedule is jam-packed with specials that are guaranteed to horrify anyone suffering from galeophobia, so a cocktail or two...


Sofia Carson Just Finished Filming "Descendants 3" And Shared These Cute Cast Photos

"We will forever and always be your Evie, Mal, Jay and Carlos". View Entire Post ›


These 10 Tips Will Help You Get Noticed on Instagram

Have you been using Instagram for a while, yet only have a handful of followers to show for it? Do you rarely receive likes and comments on your photos? If so, these tips should help you steamroll through that plateau and create an Instagram profile to wow your audience. 1. Use Only Your Best Photos...


Neptune looks extremely sharp and very blue in these new images

Several billion miles from Earth, Neptune's looking particularly sharp in a set of new images captured by one of the most powerful telescopes in the world. Located in Chile, the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT) used what's known as laser tomography to capture test images of...


These are the clearest views of Saturn's moon Titan we've seen yet

Long live Cassini, which has delivered the clearest views of Saturn's moon, Titan, to date. Six infrared images of Titan have been captured by the noble Cassini spacecraft, which, after 13 years of exploration, finally (and sadly) burned up in Saturn's atmosphere in September 2017. SEE ALSO: Scienti...


What’s behind all these Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks?

In four years of writing about Android, I can’t remember a single major smartphone released without accurate rumors or leaks preceding it. Leaks have become so prevalent they’re now the rule, rather than the exception. They’re a part of the landscape — for better or worse &m...


The Obscure Rules Got These 'Jeopardy!' Contestants A Second Chance

Growing up, I watched Groundhog's Day about a million times. My favorite part about watching movies when I was younger was imagining what I would do if I was in Bill Murray's situation reliving my life again and again and again.The film did an amazing job of playing out all of the mundane scenarios...


How Many Of These Missing Band Members Can You Identify?

How good are you with names? View Entire Post ›

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