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11 Times People Hit Self Destruct With Their Words

These folks burned themselves like a child touching a stove. Submitted by: Tagged: mistakes , social media , dumb , idiots , stupid , burn Share on Facebook


Cockroaches Are Indestructible, And the Secret Is in Their Genome

The cockroach genome is fully sequenced! Here's how we could benefit from the secrets embedded in their unique DNA. There Are Bugs In Your Food! Here's Why You Shouldn't Panic - https://youtu.be/kyLmINv4Joo Read More: Newly Sequenced Cockroach Genome Explains Why They Are So Goddamn Hard to Kill...


25 Awful Helicopter Parents Who Thought Their Kids Could Do No Wrong

As a father of two, I'm constantly worried about "spoiling" my kids. I don't want to discipline my toddler when he draws on the wall or won't listen to his mom, but there are times when I have to stop pretending to be a lion or T-Rex and let him know that his behavior is really crappy. And although...


Samsung and Xiaomi increased their dominance of India’s mobile market last quarter

The US and other regions are now heavily saturated with smartphone users, so tech's biggest companies have their eyes on India as the next key battleground to compete for market share. In the second quarter, Samsung and Xiaomi continued to lead all other competitors, with each company shipping 9.9 m...


People Are Sharing Their Biggest Wedding Regrets

If you're in the eye of the wedding planning storm, you might want to take a breath and see what sorts of mistakes your forebears made. We don't have to reinvent the wedding wheel every time. Lots of people have done it before, and lots of people have made the exact same errors over and over. Take a...


Someone Asked the Internet to Share Their Craziest IRL Plot Twists and the Results Did Not Disappoint

When I moved across the country a couple of months ago, I was trying to find a short-term place to stay while I looked around for an apartment to make my home. I've gone through my share of shady sublets, and was so worried I wouldn't land a spot that I started looking for one to book months in adva...


With Trump undermining their efforts, Senators drop bid to reimpose sanctions on ZTE

Wikimedia Commons The group of senators who introduced a bill to reimpose sanctions on ZTE have withdrawn the bid. After Trump effectively saved ZTE from going out of business, the senators are out of options. Although this is a win for Trump, it’s marred by the fact that he is simultaneous...


15 Stressed Teachers Share Their Most Unbearable Cases Of Helicopter Parenting

These parents are absolutely convinced that their kids can do NO wrong. Unfortunately, that manifests in some aggressively overbearing acts of parenting.  Submitted by: Tagged: school , cringe , askreddit , teacher , parenting , ridiculous Share on Facebook


Starbucks Is Opening Their First Sign Language-Based Location In The U.S. And I'm Doing The "Applause" Sign

All employees at the new location will be fluent in American Sign Language. View Entire Post ›


20 Dads Share Stories Of Their Daughters' Worst Boyfriends

These poor dads are at the END of their rope.  Submitted by: Tagged: askreddit , parenting , ridiculous Share on Facebook

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