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Watch Ben Affleck (yes, Ben Affleck) predict Spotify and Netflix streaming way back in 2003

Turns out everyone's favorite ahistorical Bean Town boy and resident Sad Man is more than just a pretty face.  That's right, Ben Affleck, the star of such films as Gigli and Pearl Harbor, is so much more as this random (apparently) 2003 interview showing him basically predicting Spotify and Net...


Spotify Lite being tested - will stop eating all of your data

A new, stripped down version of Spotify is currently being tested that will be a lot kinder to your data plan. As the name suggests, it’s a paired down version of the app and comes with some nifty features, including the ability to put a cap on the data you are using to listen to songs. The ac...


Spotify Lite is lightweight, but probably too bare-bones

As the name implies, Spotify Lite is a “lighter” version of the regular Spotify app that removes a few key features and minimizes app size. Spotify Lite is available in certain countries, though you can download and install an APK. Spotify is not the only service to offer a “Lite...


Drake's 'Scorpion' destroyed major Apple Music and Spotify streaming records

It's been a big week for Drake.  First the artist confirmed on multiple tracks off his album Scorpion that he is indeed a father. Now, one day after the new album's Friday launch, we've also learned that Scorpion broke a big streaming record: It earned the most streams on its very first day, on...


How to Download Your Privacy Data From Spotify

Cast your mind back to May 2018. Your inbox was probably drowning under a near-endless stream of amended privacy policies from every service you have ever signed up for. It was all part of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy which forced companies to give thei...


Apple needs to play nice with Spotify

With WWDC a couple of days out, we’re coming up on one year since Apple first showed off its glitzy answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers. It took more than 8 months from then for the HomePod to finally hit shelves, and it took up until a couple of days ago for all the prom...


Spotify Admits Its R. Kelly Ban Was 'Rolled Out Wrong'

It took Spotify only two weeks to backtrack on its tendencious new policy around hateful speech and conduct. In hindsight, CEO Daniel Ek now concedes that the streaming service “rolled this out wrong and we could have done a much better job.”On May 10th, Spotify, under new rules around h...


Spotify Eases 'Hateful Conduct' Playlist Policy After Outcry

Spotify will walk back the streaming service's decision to remove artists accused of misconduct, namely the rapper XXXTentacion, from its featured playlists.Following additional allegations against R. Kelly, numerous streaming services "muted" that singer's music from their respective spotlighted pl...


YouTube Music and YouTube Premium: how Google is taking on Spotify and Netflix

Music on YouTube is big, Really big. More than 1 billion people visit YouTube for music each month. But it’s never been brilliant as a straightforward listening service. Its latest offering, YouTube Music, is designed to change that. But with Apple and Spotify dominating music streaming,...


8 Nifty Tips for Managing Your Spotify Playlists

Playlists are a core component of Spotify. Not only does the music streaming service have curated collections of songs to suit specific moods, you can also make playlists of your favorite songs too. However, managing your Spotify playlists isn’t as simple or straightforward as it could be, so...

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