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MP128 - 2 more years of Ham in F1 & low profile tyres

What does the Mercedes announcement of Lewis' contract extension really mean and are we about to see low profile tyres in F1?


Boris Johnson quits: Profile of ex-foreign secretary - BBC News

Boris Johnson's resignation as foreign secretary over Theresa May's Brexit policy will delight some Conservatives and dismay others - but does not come as too great a shock. The former London mayor and prominent Leave campaigner has been at odds with Mrs May's vision for Brexit for some time and has...


This Woman's Tinder Profile Has People Arguing About Toilet Paper Rules

Dating can be rough. You gotta go through a lot of frogs to find your prince, and a lot of the frogs can be crappy at messaging on Tinder. They'll send a bad message responding to your bio, your pictures, your musical taste. Any info they can get about you could inspire a stupid comment or rude ques...


Girl's Tinder Profile Kickstarts Ridiculous Debate About Toilet Paper

We just had to go there, didn't we.  Submitted by: Tagged: internet , tinder , technology , apps , relationships , social media , ridiculous , funny , dating Share on Facebook


Man Trolls Twitter Users By Making Sh*tty Drawings Of Their Profile Pics

They asked for it and he gladly delivered!  Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , trolling , roast , ridiculous , funny Share on Facebook


T-Mobile Activates RCS Universal Profile, but Only for the Galaxy S7

T-Mobile said back in March that during Q2, they would rollout support for RCS Universal Profile to their network to help usher us all into a modern messaging age. Since we’re a day away from Q2 ending, they’ve gone ahead and announced that their RCS push has started. For now, the R...


Guy Makes Tinder Profile For His Malamute And Responses Are Cuteness Overload

Phil is the real MVP!  Submitted by: Tagged: dogs , adorable , tinder , cute , relationships , funny , dating Share on Facebook


Switch-hacking trolls reportedly loading pornographic profile pictures

Enlarge / A shot of the leaked DevMenu tool that lets users upload custom profile pictures on the Switch. (credit: Mizumi / Twitter) Nintendo only lets users choose from a limited number of preset profile pictures (or custom-made Miis) for their online avatar on the Switch network. So at least on...


Apple Hires High-Profile Senior Waymo Engineer for Self-Driving Car Project

Apple has hired Jaime Waydo, an autonomous vehicle expert who previously worked as a senior engineer at Google's Waymo, reports The Information. An Apple spokesperson confirmed the hiring, but declined to provide details on what she would be working on. Waydo, who served as head of systems engineer...


Twitter's Many Sad and Funny Answers To #MyDatingProfileSays

We've got a lot of "winners" here. Which way would you swipe? Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , post malone , always tired , ink , tattoos , rapper Share on Facebook

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