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Pikachu Has Bangs Now — So Pokémon Is Basically Cancelled

If you thought your favorite Pokémon was exempt from bad hair days, you were wrong. Just look at Pikachu, who is rocking some serious bangs right now — and fans of the anime series are less than thrilled by his makeover. The new look was revealed in the trailer for Nintendo Switch's Pok...


Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu And Eevee Bring Back Jessie And James

Along with a new English trailer, The Pokemon Company has shared a Japanese theatrical trailer for Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee. The ad showcases some more footage of the upcoming Nintendo Switch RPGs, but most notably, it gives fans their first look at a pair of familiar faces who...


It might come as a surprise, but Nintendo’s mobile Pokémon games make a ton of money

Recent data shows Pokémon Quest has already brought in $3 million in revenue and has been downloaded 3.5 million times. By comparison, Pokémon Go made $200 million in revenue during its first month of availability. As large of a gap as that is, both titles still rake in a ton of cash...


Pokemon Quest tips and tricks: From beginner to Pokemon master

Editor's PickPokemon Quest review: A mobile take on the iconic franchise Pokemon Quest, the latest game in the ever-popular Pokemon franchise, is now available as a free-to-play Android and iOS game. Although it came out a full month earlier on the Nintendo Switch, it's clearly a … New pl...


Pokemon Quest Is Now Available on Android and iOS

The mobile version of Pokemon Quest is now available to play. The Pokemon-themed RPG was released on the Nintendo Switch in May, but is now available on Android and iOS too. Pokemon Quest is free to play, with in-app purchases helping you progress. After years of ignoring mobile gaming (as opposed t...


RPG-Style Pokémon Quest Comes to Android

Pokémon Quest is now available for Android and iOS devices, after a short exclusive period on Nintendo Switch. The game features all of your favorite Pokémon from the old school Blue and Red titles, so any fan of the franchise should automatically be familiar with all of the characters...


Pokémon Quest out now on Android, download it here! (Updated)

Update (06/20): Pokémon Quest has gone live on the Google Play Store a day before its expected release date. You can download and start playing the voxel-styled spin-off by hitting the button below. Pokémon Quest is free-to-download and features in-app purchases ranging from $2...


Pokemon Go Adding New Research Quests Involving Gen 1 Pokemon

A new month is quickly approaching, which means more research tasks will soon be available in Pokemon Go. Developer Niantic confirmed on Twitter that the next set of Field Research quests will roll out for the game in July, and they'll revolve primarily around Pokemon originally found in the Kanto r...


Pokemon Go Trading Feature Now Live, But Only For Some

Niantic finally has fulfilled its long-held promise, and right before Pokemon Go Fest too. You can now trade Pokemon with your friends in Pokemon Go. But there's a catch--you have to be highly leveled to access the feature.It's unclear how many players will eventually be able to use the trading feat...


You can finally trade Pokémon with friends in Pokémon Go – here’s how it works

The Pokémon Company Way back in 2016, an exciting trailer for a new Pokémon game hit the web. That game, Pokémon Go, was touted as an ambitious mobile title with augmented reality features that would let you catch, trade, and battle pocket monsters in the real world. Yet someh...

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