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Baseball Player Shaves Mustache Off During the Game Because Grooming Decisions Wait For No One

Houston Astros baseball player Alex Bregman showed off his excellent multitasking skills on Sunday night when he made a game time decision to shave his mustache during a game against the Kansas City Royals. During the game, it appeared that the third baseman decided to make a major grooming change b...


Super Troopers 2: Review: Another Round On The Mustache-Mobile

The original Super Troopers was the epitome of early '00s stoner comedy. Pot-smoking highway patrollers haze each other like college sophomores, playing pranks on speeding drivers they pull over and brawling with the local cops. It captured a moment in time; as the members of the Broken Lizard comed...


Watch The Walking Dead's Steven Ogg Get His Mustache Shaved Off On Talking Dead

Steven Ogg has been playing the character since he popped up in the Season 6 finale, rocking an impressive mustache and chops the whole time... until now.


Olympic Curler Matt Hamilton Asked People to Shave Their Mustaches to Support Team USA. They’re Doing It.

Olympic athletes are inspiring. They train for years in sometimes-obscure sports. They wear their bodies out. They face extreme odds to make it to the Games. And, when fortune is in their favor, they win, giving us impressive stories of overcoming obstacles and pursuing excellence as we’ve see...


Once You Realize That Post Malone's Mustache Looks Like Two Dogs Kissing You'll Never Unsee It

Let’s investigate this, shall we? But! The most important question is, of course, what breed of dog does Post Malone's mustache look like??? Photo by...


‘Justice League’: Warner’s Reportedly Offered To CGI Henry Cavill’s Mustache Back In For M:I6

The now-notorious “Justice League” reshoots, which wanted to accommodate the success of this summer’s “Wonder Woman” among other things, cost Warner Bros. upwards of $25 million. After director Zack Snyder departed the project following a family tragedy, ‘Avengers...


Twitter Roasts Justice League Over Superman's CG Mustache Removal

We're honestly not too surprised that one of the main points of contention with the Justice League movie, is the whole Henry Cavill CG-mustache debacle.....cause 2017's coming to a close here, and we're all but desensitized to the idea of a damn surprise as it is. For those unaware, Cavill couldn...


Did You Know That Horses Can Grow Mustaches? Well, Now You Do.

Turns out that some horses can grow a mustache. More common in certain breeds such than others, it can occur to any horse that carries the right gene, male or female. Funny or creepy, what do you think? Photo by Jenny Photo by J. Comtois


Funniest Beards from 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championship

Featured below are the funniest and most unusual entries from the semi-annual competition that has turned growing and grooming into a high-class art form, and the 2017 edition just wrapped up in Austin, Texas. Photos by Greg Anderson.


Joe Jonas' VMAs Mustache Is a Low-Key Travesty — So, Duh, Fans Are Freaking Out

Well, hello there! Joe Jonas hit the red carpet at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 27, in LA — where he debuted some questionable... Read More >>

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