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How to Get Dark Mode on Instagram for iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

When you're checking out photos and other media on Instagram, its default bright white layout can literally be an eyesore, especially in dimly lit settings where the bleached UI feels blinding. Luckily, there's a free tweak that you can install to enable dark mode in the Instagram app for iPhone. T...


How to Close Apps on iPhone X in iOS 12

When Apple launched the iPhone X, a whole new set of gestures were introduced, changing the way that we were used to interacting with our iPhones. One of these changes involved the App Switcher and the way apps are closed, with Apple introducing a gesture that was much more cumbersome than the simp...


Use This iPhone Trick to Never Mistype an Email Address Again

While it’s important to read over important emails before sending them, that doesn’t always happen when you’re in a rush. That’s doubly true when you send an email from your phone instead of a desktop computer. But double-checking emails for professionalism is essential. One...


Mophie rolls out iPhone battery packs that charge by a Lightning cable

Mophie, a best-selling manufacturer of stylish battery cases, just announced a range of battery packs specifically built for use with different iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and AirPods. Its new Powerstation battery packs all charge via Apple’s Lightning connector — meaning th...


How to Use iPhone Vibration Patterns to Make Alerts More Interesting

Many iPhone owners live their lives in silent mode, relying solely on the vibrate function to detect incoming calls, messages, and notifications. I’m guilty of this myself. But there’s no reason your alerts should be boring. iOS lets you create custom vibrate patterns and deploy them acr...

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How to Replace the Carrier Name in Your iPhone's Status Bar with Custom Text or Logos

There are much better things that can go in your iPhone's status bar besides an always-on indicator displaying what carrier you're shelling out money to every month. While it would be nice to get rid of the carrier name altogether at the top of the screen, an even better option is switching it out...

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Fortnite Finally Fixed on the iOS 12 Beta for iPhones

While devices as old as the iPhone 5s have been treated quite well by iOS 12, the same cannot be said for Fortnite. The smash hit has had a rocky run on the latest iOS betas, with a known crashing issue featured on each beta update's release notes. That changes with developer beta 4, as Apple confi...

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iOS 12 Beta 4 for iPhone Released to Developers

As the official release of iOS 12 nears closer each day, Apple continues to update its betas. The company released the fourth beta of the upcoming software to developers Tuesday, July 17, exactly two weeks after the release of the third developer beta which came out just a few days before the secon...


Future iPhones Could Use Samsung's Industry-First LPDDR5 DRAM

Samsung today announced it has completed functional testing and validation of the industry's first 10-nanometer class 8-gigabit LPDDR5 DRAM. Samsung says the prototype chip boasts a data rate of up to 6.4 Gbps, which is 1.5 times as fast as the LPDDR4X DRAM used in the iPhone X and other flagship s...


Apple No Longer Offering Free Out-of-Warranty Repairs of iPhone 7 Models With Grayed-Out Speaker Button

A few months ago, in an internal document obtained by MacRumors, Apple acknowledged that some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users may experience a grayed-out speaker button during phone calls, or not be heard during phone calls or FaceTime chats. Apple didn't identify a cause for the issues. If an aff...

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