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Eat Your Way Through France And We'll Tell You Your Greatest Quality

Because food says a lot about you. View Entire Post ›


16 Of The Greatest Overheards Eavesdroppers Have Eavesdropped

Never know what kind of conversational gems you'll catch if you actually listen.  Submitted by: Tagged: eavesdropping , overheard , cringe , Awkward , ridiculous , funny Share on Facebook


The greatest World Cup meme has taken a deeply tragic twist

Turns out football isn't coming home after all. SEE ALSO: Book publisher holds nothing back while live tweeting World Cup semi-final For the longest time, after England beat Colombia on penalties and then breezed past Sweden in the World Cup quarter finals, it genuinely looked like it might be. But...


Yes, Serena Williams knows she's the greatest, thank you very much

The G.O.A.T. is back with an ace of an answer to a reporter's question. Serena Williams is seemingly unstoppable both on and off the court. And her latest press conference at Wimbledon 2018 confirms this factTelegraph reporter Jamie Johnson asked Williams what it's like being the one who motivates o...


'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Adds Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man Noir, Thus Making It the Greatest Spider-Man Film Ever

Ghost Rider himself will join the cast of this Christmas’ big Spider-Man animated movie. Continue reading…


15 of Life's Greatest SFW Pleasures

Those things that give you that great spine-tingling feeling.  Submitted by: Tagged: pleasure , awesome , askreddit Share on Facebook


David Lynch Thinks Trump “Could Go Down As One Of The Greatest Presidents In History”

David Lynch says what he thinks and is one of the few people in Hollywood that truly feels like he isn’t trying to bullshit you. Whether he’s talking about meditation, “Twin Peaks,” music, or whatever new project he has up his sleeve, Lynch will tell you exactly what he feels...


How Fast Is The Greatest Rally Driver Of All Time… At A Rally Game?

We challenge 9 time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb to a race on DiRT 4... What could possibly go wrong? SUBSCRIBE to WTF1: http://bit.ly/WTF1Subscribe Visit Our Shop: http://bit.ly/2tepK1e ----- Follow WTF1 ----- Subscribe to WTF1: http://bit.ly/WTF1Subscribe On our website: http://www.wtf1.com On F...


The 100 Greatest YouTube Videos of All Time, Ranked

YouTube has only been around for 13 years, but in that time has hosted some of the funniest, weirdest, most interesting short subjects you'll ever see. The ones that went wildly viral will be familiar to you, maybe all 100 of the ranked videos at Thrillist, which has embedded all 100 YouTube videos...


Will Arnett: Watching My Sons Grow Up Is ‘the Greatest Thing Ever’

Will Arnett has a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost: his sons. If not for them, “I wouldn’t have opened up to doing these kinds of roles,” the Arrested Development actor, who recently starred in the family flick Show Dogs, says in the new issue of Us Weekly. “I don&r...

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