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‘Genius: Picasso’: Visualizing the Legendary Artist’s Life as a Painting

After visualizing Einstein’s theory of relativity in the first season of National Geographic’s “Genius,” cinematographer Mathias Herndl needed to come up with a similar device for “Picasso.” Of course, it helped having a tour de force performance by Antonio...


30 Terrible Life Hacks That Are So Bad They're Actually Genius

You probably won't actually want to use these.  Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , life hacks , funny Share on Facebook



SIGNS YOU'RE A GENIUS Wanna figure out if you've got any specific features inherent in genius people? Here we go! Let's find out. But first let's begin with the best ways to stimulate your brain: - read more, reading trains the left hemisphere of the brain and improves memory - play chess - ea...


22 Times Bored Elon Musk Was A Comedically Genius Gift To Twitter

So many of these ideas need to be a part of our reality. Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , elon musk , science , funny , true facts Share on Facebook


5 Riddles Only A Genius Can Solve

These 5 riddles/puzzles will either drive you crazy or help you solidify yourself as a true genius. Good luck! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/BaerTaffy 5 Riddles Only A Genius...


8 Extra Spicy Geniuses That Are Too (Painfully) Smart For The Internet

Their heightened intelligence must be a profound burden... Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , spicy , social media , ridiculous Share on Facebook


Some Genius Is Tweeting as The Last Blockbuster

In a post-Netflix world there is not much more The Last Blockbuster can do than scream into the void "WE HAVE THE MASK 2 ON DVD!" The results are weird and sad and hilarious. Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , FAIL , DVD , movies , blockbuster , netflix , funny Share on Facebook


Mad Genius Live-Tweets Having Pizza Delivered To Train He's Riding

This man is a legend, as is the lady who delivers the pizza! Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , pizza , restaurant , live tweet , ridiculous , food , win Share on Facebook


Using the AirPods case to wirelessly charge the iPhone would be genius

A Nikkei report this week has indicated that Apple plans to make the case of the next AirPods earphones a wireless charger for the iPhone. On the surface, the report offers more questions than answers. The current AirPods case can neither receive (a Qi-compatible case has been announced, but isn&rsq...


35 Repair FAILs That Are Actually Kind of Genius In Their Own Way

We wouldn't put anything past these everyday MacGyvers. Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL Share on Facebook

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