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What Diseases Frozen in Ice could be Hidden in our Glaciers? | Earth Lab

Permafrost has kept viruses and bacteria frozen for centuries, but global warming could uncover some unpleasant surprises from the past. While in Iceland, Greg Foot looks at what the consequences could be. Want to also become one of BBC Earth's presenters? Check out how to here: http://bit.ly/earthp...


Did Apple Know About 'Touch Disease' All Along?

Read more...More about Iphone, Mashable Reels, Sn Reels, Tech, and Iphone


Dame Barbara Windsor ‘laughed a lot' during visit from EastEnders co-star Ross Kemp as she battles Alzheimer’s disease

Ross Kemp has opened up about his recent visit with Dame Barbara Windsor who recently revealed she is battling Alzheimer's disease[Getty] Actor Ross Kemp has opened up about his recent home visit to Dame Barbara Windsor following her devastating Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Appearing on...


Loose Women’s Andrea McLean ‘feared she would DIE’ from life-threatening battle with rare blood disease

Andrea McLean has opened up on her rare blood disease[Wenn] Loose Women anchor Andrea McLean revealed that she “feared she would die” after getting the diagnosis.  Andrea opened up to The Daily Mirror, telling how doctors discovered the blood disease after she had a hyst...


7 Symptoms of Dangerous Diseases Many Women Ignore

How to Prevent Serious Diseases in Women. Prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to serious diseases such as diabetes or even cancer. How can you know when something’s seriously wrong when everything seems so normal to you? In fact, there are some pretty obvious signs of dangerous d...


These US Cities Are At Greater Risk Of Disease Outbreaks Due To Unvaccinated Kids

A study looked at which US counties have the highest rates of vaccine exemptions for philosophical, moral, or religious reasons. View Entire Post ›


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported significant increases in the suicide rate in 44 of 50 states.

Credit: Slavica via Getty ImagesThe suicide rate across the United States has risen 30 percent since 1999, and nearly 45,000 people took their lives in 2016, officials said Thursday. Suicide presents a "growing public health problem," with significant increases in 44 of the 50 state...


Here's What We Know About Nipah Virus, The Bat-Borne Disease Killing People In India

The Nipah virus, one of the deadliest infections in the world, has killed 13 people so far. Here's what you need to know. View Entire Post ›


Ticks Are Spreading More Rare Diseases In The US Than Ever Before

Ticks are small but mighty when it comes to spreading disease — and the number of infections they can transmit to humans is growing. View Entire Post ›


The infectious disease, called chytrid fungus, passes from animals in the wild to pets.

Credit: Kike Calvo/UIG via Getty ImagesScientists have traced a deadly fungus responsible for killing frogs, toads, and newts worldwide to the Korean peninsula, sparking new calls for a halt to the international amphibian pet trade. A dangerous infectious disease with the potential...

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