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Microsoft Launches Skype 8.0 for Desktop

Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for desktop, and this one looks and feels just like the mobile version of Skype. The only catch is that Microsoft is forcing everyone to upgrade to Skype 8.0 as all previous versions are set to stop working within weeks. The new Skype arrived last year t...


Star Trek Online Special Edition ORIGIN PC Desktop Giveaway

Star Trek Online, ORIGIN PC, and Eaglemoss are giving away a free Special Edition PC Gaming Desktop and other prizes. (Scroll down below to enter.)To celebrate the launch of the game’s DS9-themed PC update, Victory is Life, you have a chance to win an exclusive ORIGIN Millennium Gaming Desktop...

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How to Use Firefox's Secure 'Notes' App to Sync Lists & Other Notes to Your Desktop Browser

Note-taking apps are a dime a dozen on the Play Store. However, due to their inability to sync across devices, many can't compete with Google Keep. Mozilla decided to throw their hat in the ring with Notes by Firefox, and unlike others, their notes app syncs easily with one of the most popular brow...


Dell Black Friday in July: Deals on laptops, desktops, TVs, and more

It may be the middle of summer, but it's beginning to feel a lot like November. Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, and last week Dell unveiled its Black Friday in July sales event.Both Dell Home and Dell Small Business are offering Black Friday-esque deals on computers, TVs, and other elect...


10 of the Best Windows 10 Themes for Every Desktop

A surprising number of users don’t change their desktop background. Don’t believe us? Just peek over a couple of people’s shoulders next time you’re in a coffee shop or airport. And of the people that do change their desktop, far too many stick with one of the operating syste...


Instagram on desktop is way better for being a creep

This is Ode To..., a weekly column where we share the stuff we're really into in hopes that you'll be really into it, too. Perhaps you didn't know you could browse Instagram on your desktop. That's okay! There's still time for you to experience the 'gram in its purest, holiest form. Let's get the ba...


Google Releases VR180 Creator Desktop Software for Editing Your VR Videos

For anyone with a VR180 camera, such as the one from Lenovo, Google has published VR180 Creator software for Mac and Linux machines. With it, editing your VR videos for uploading to supported services should be a total breeze. According to Google, the software has two main features for VR videos. Th...


A Windows port of Apple Mac's Mojave Dynamic Desktop feature

WinDynamicDesktop is a free open source program for Windows 10 that brings Apple Macintosh's Mojave Dynamic Desktop feature. Mojave Dynamic Desktop is a new feature of Apple's Macintosh operating system that alters the background image of the desktop dynamically based on the time of day. While Windo...


Lenovo reinvents Legion gaming line with new laptops and desktops

In the wake of E3 2018, Lenovo has revealed an overhaul to its Legion brand of gaming PC hardware, including brand new laptops and desktops. These new pieces of hardware drop the extreme gamer aesthetic in favor of something more widely palatable.Starting with Lenovo’s new gaming laptops &ndas...

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HoloLens Can Now Wirelessly Tap Rendering Power of Any Desktop PC via UWP Apps Built in Unity

Looking to inject a little more processing juice into your HoloLens? Unity can fix you up with the Standalone Universal Windows Platform Holographic Emulation. While its name appears to have skipped the marketing department in the decision-making process, the tool enables developers to package Uni...

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