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Customize font sizes without scaling in Windows 10

Alternate Font Sizer is a free program for Microsoft Windows to customize the size of different fonts on the system without display scaling. When Microsoft released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it removed font customization options from the Control Panel without bringing the functionality to...


Google working on Customize Background option in Chrome

Google Chrome engineers are working on a new customization feature that may introduce options to Chrome to set custom background images in the browser. The feature is hidden behind a flag currently in Chrome Canary and anything but stable at this point in time. Still, it may make its way into Chrome...


How to Customize or Disable Gmail Swipe Gestures on Android

Up until recently, swiping an email in the Android Gmail app meant one of two things would happen: you would either delete the email or you would archive it. A new update brings users a lot more options, one of which is great for the accidental swiper. With the new Gmail update, there are six possib...


Gmail for Android is Finally Going to Let You Customize Swipe Actions

The change appears to be slowly rolling out, but Google is finally going to let you customize the swipe actions within Gmail on Android. You know the little swipe left or right shortcuts that previously only let you archive or delete? Yep, you are getting more control over them. You may need the lat...


How to Customize App Borders and Shadows on Windows 10

On Windows, you’ve been able to change how apps look for almost the entire history of the operating system’s life. However, Insider Preview builds of Redstone 5 (the next Windows update to be released in Fall 2018) suggest that Windows will automatically change the color of all app borde...


zGlue launches a configurable system-on-a-chip to help developers implement customized chipsets

The complexity and cost of packing an array of sensors and power inside a small amount of space has opened the door to a wider and wider variety of use cases for internet-connected devices beyond just smart thermostats or cameras — and also exposed a hole for getting those ideas into an actual...


6 Apps to Customize Your Mac’s Keyboard Behavior

Do you want your Mac’s function keys back? Does the Caps Lock key seem like a waste of space? Would you rather put the unused right Shift key to better use? If you’re looking for a way to customize basic keyboard behavior, add new shortcuts, remap keystrokes, or navigate quickly without...


3 Great Ways to Customize Desktop Icons on Windows

You probably spend a lot of time on your Windows desktop, so it makes sense to spend some time customizing it. It’s one part of the many ways you can customize Windows 10 as you see fit. A few quick tricks can make your desktop icons more attractive or useful. Here are a few options you might...

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How to Customize iOS App Icons Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone

While iOS offers a plentiful mix of excellent and exclusive features, what you see is what you get. Apple doesn't leave much room for customizability, meaning most people's iPhones look relatively the same. You can make yours stand out, however, by giving your apps unique and personal icons. While...

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