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Even raises $40M to transform the working class to the savings class

The working class of the United States doesn’t get many breaks these days. It’s not just a function of low pay and long hours, but also the incredible uncertainty of income and expenses that makes surviving week-to-week so challenging. One in five Americans have a negative net wealth, ev...


Meghan Markle Put a Fresh Spin on a British Classic With This Sleeveless Trench Coat Dress

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, infused new life into a piece of classic British fashion when she sported a pale pink-nude sleeveless trench coat dress during an event to honor the life of Nelson Mandela on Tuesday in London. As far as what royals wear goes, the Duchess’ dress is a relat...


Someone Is Pranking Classmates With A Giant Pencil And It's Hilarious

Senior pranks are one of the staples of American colleges. While the biggest ones, like pretending to crash a car into the side of a building, are typically saved for the end of the year, individual students take it upon themselves to pull off smaller tricks throughout their time at school. Tak...


Nintendo hid a load-your-own NES emulator inside a GameCube classic

Enlarge / Replacing that memory gibberish with a carefully crafted memory card file lets you load arbitrary NES games through Animal Crossing. (credit: Nintendo) Fans of the early-2000s era GameCube version of the original Animal Crossing likely remember the game including a handful of emulated N...


Hands-on with Nintendo’s weirdest, and maybe rarest, classic console yet

Enlarge / Say hello to Nintendo's weirdest and possibly most limited classic-mini release yet: the Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Famicom Classic Mini. (credit: Sam Machkovech) The collectability of Nintendo's "classic mini" consoles cannot be overstated. Even after restocking the NES Classic Editi...


26 Classic Funny FAILs That Will Baffle You

These FAILs are sure to confuse you.  Submitted by: Tagged: wtf , FAIL , Classic Fail , why , funny Share on Facebook


DOD seeks classification “Clippy” to help classify data, control access

Enlarge (credit: Sean Gallagher) Figuring out what information should be classified and controlling access to it has been an eternal headache for defense and national security organizations—a headache that got a lot of attention during the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillar...

Cars & Motorcycles

2019 Mercedes C43 AMG Coupe C-Class Review & Test Drive

With four body variants, three output levels and two drive types, the C‑Class is the most versatile and most successful model series from Mercedes-AMG. Extensive measures now make the C 43 4MATIC models (combined fuel consumption: 9.8-9.3 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 223-213 g/km)* even more at...

Cars & Motorcycles

2019 Mercedes C220d Wagon C-Class Review & Test Drive

Despite having a lower displacement than its predecessor, reduced to just under two litres, and weighing around 16 percent less, the new diesel powerplant in the C 220 d has an output of 143 kW (194 hp), precisely 18 kW more than the previous engine, and delivers an NEDC combined consumption of 4.8-...


Miss Classic Shell? Classic Start comes to the rescue

Classic Start is a continuation of the Classic Shell project for Windows; Classic Shell was a popular program for Windows that introduced options to change the Start Menu, Explorer, and other interface elements to classic versions. A user running Windows 10 could enable the classic Windows 7 Start M...

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