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Khloé Kardashian Confronts Fan Who Accused Her of Suddenly Having Bigger Lips

People just can't stop talking about KarJenner lips! Recently, Kylie Jenner had the filler taken out of hers which made them suddenly a lot... Read More >>


F1 News Round-Up: Three-Car Teams Possible, Haas Bigger Threat and Ferrari The Benchmark

In this week’s news round-up: Pat Symonds says F1 should consider three-car teams, Nico Hulkenberg believes Haas are now Renault’s biggest rivals and Christian Horner thinks Ferrari are now the benchmark. Plus, Stoffel Vandoorne is confident of 2019 McLaren stay and Williams are searching for a fix...


Facebook's Cambridge Analytica fine could have been even bigger under GDPR

Facebook has been warned that it could have faced much sterner punishment from UK watchdogs for its part in the Cambridge Analaytica data breach scandal.It was revealed earlier today that the social media giant had been hit with a £500,000 penalty from the Information Commissioner's Office (IC...


Ant-Man and the Wasp review: Even smaller scale, even bigger heart

Enlarge (credit: Marvel Studios) For some fans, 2015's Ant-Man was a breath of fresh air after the save-the-world insanity of many other Marvel Studios films. But that comic series' small-suit, big-screen debut was still glued to Avengers plot lines, which arguably dragged its momentum and f...


Kobe Bryant: Laker Dreams ‘Substantially Bigger Now’ With LeBron James

Kobe Bryant is excited for the start of the LeBron James Era in Los Angeles, and says he’s ready to welcome him into the Lakers’ family: “I spoke to him during the playoffs and then I talked to him last night, right after the decision,” Bryant told Stephen A. Smith on ESPN ra...


TOWIE star Amy Childs flaunts NAKED baby bump just weeks before giving birth – as she reveals she’s ‘SO much bigger’ during second pregnancy

Amy Childs flaunted her naked baby bump [Amy Childs/Instagram ] The Only Way Is Essex stunner Amy Childs has flaunted her naked baby bump on social media – as she reveals she’s “SO much bigger” during this pregnancy.  The 28 year old — who is...


Is It Just Me or Do Male Actors' Heads Get Bigger as They Age?

The media spends a lot of time judging the appearance of aging actresses, from pointing out their botched plastic surgery to tearing down the ones who have the audacity to not look 25 when they're 45.  However, one thing everyone likes to conveniently ignore are male actors, which is hilarious...


9 Twitch Tips That’ll Help You Build a Bigger Viewership

Do you want your Twitch streams to get more views? So does everyone else. And it’s not easy. However, without views and subscribers, your channel is going to fall flat. So you need to find a way to stand out. These tips will help you stream games like the pros. You may consider them simple, bu...


Hear 2 Chainz's New Song With Drake, Migos' Quavo, 'Bigger Than You'

2 Chainz recruited Drake and Migos' Quavo for his heavy-hitting new song "Bigger Than You." Throughout the hooky trap cut, the rappers contrast their humble beginnings and current rap star status. "Chain so big, should have came with a kick stand/ Fuck with me, I got a retain on a hit man," 2 Chainz...


Hear Beck's Remix of U2's 'Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way'

Beck reimagined U2's stark ballad "Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way" as a synth-laced arena-rocker in a new remix of the Songs of Experience single. The songwriter revamped the track into a maximalist sing-along, speeding up the tempo to a danceable BPM and layering in shimmering keyboar...

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