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April Tinsley's Cold Case Solved After Killer Taunted Police For 30 Years

For over three decades, the killer behind the abduction and murder of April Tinsley has evaded Indiana investigators—until now.  Thanks to advances in DNA technology, John D. Miller was officially charged with murder, child molestation, and criminal confinement of a victim under 14. Messa...


Telegram CEO Says Apple Has Been 'Preventing' iOS App Updates Since Russia's Ban in April

In April, the Russian government banned secure messaging app Telegram and this month asked Apple to remove it from the iOS App Store completely in the country, citing the potential for terrorist communication via the app since Telegram refused to allow Russia to read user messages. As this unfolds,...


Telegram CEO: Apple has “prevented” app updates globally since April

Enlarge (credit: Carl Court / Getty Images) Russia officially banned the secure message app Telegram in April, and now it appears the app is facing problems in other regions. According to a message posted on Telegram by the company's CEO Pavel Durov, Apple has been "preventing" Telegram iOS app u...


Half of Windows 10 PCs already updated to the April 2018 update

Enlarge (credit: AdDuplex) The Windows 10 April 2018 Update, version 1803, is enjoying the fastest rollout of any Windows 10 major update thus far. Even though last-minute delays pushed its rollout into May for most users (it was available to manually install on the last day of April, but didn't...


Is Microsoft forcing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update on PCs that have blocked updates?

It looks like Microsoft is automatically downloading the Windows 10 April 2018 Update on PCs, even if users have blocked Windows from downloading updates until later in the year.Owners of Windows 10 Pro, who have selected the Semi-annual channel to determine the frequency of updates, have done so to...


Top Performers From The DTG April Live Period

Dominate The Game fielded teams from Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Georgia and Canada in Atlanta, Georgia for its April live period event. Here’s the players that saw their stock rise in front of college scouts over the weekend....


Windows 10 April 2018 Update and Edge makes your laptop battery last longer

Microsoft has once again claimed that using its Edge web browser will make your laptop’s battery last longer than if you were using Google Chrome or Firefox.The company has made the claim after releasing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, which includes an updated version of Edge.Microsoft has...

Cars & Motorcycles

Best Dash Cam Accidents Compilation #39 || APRIL 2018

Best Dash Accidents Compilation #39 from April, 2018. All Accidents are non-fatal. Video is for educational purposes only. Please remember to drive safely and take videos like this as a learning tool! Please hit the LIKE button! Subscribe for more videos! https://bit.ly/2IGl8Gl Support the channel...


Microsoft blocks Windows 10 April 2018 update to some Intel SSDs

Enlarge / Intel SSD 600p. (credit: Intel) The April 2018 update for Windows 10 is now being blocked from installing on systems with certain Intel SSDs. With the update installed, systems with the Intel SSD 600p Series and Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series devices seem to crash repeatedly during startup....


This happened on our Earth in April 2018

Our land has always been ready to share with us all that it has, but man has turned out to be a bad master. He wanted complete control over everything: the land, the climate, the seas and oceans, the near-earth space. And it seems that the planet is no longer able to tolerate us, importunate and ins...

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