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Tweets For People With A Weird Sense Of Humor

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Tweets For People With A Weird Sense Of Humor

It can be hard to find stuff to LOL at when you have a weird sense of humor, and it seems like many of the comedy bytes online are either extreme and provoking or so niche even those in the know get but a titter from the post.

Me, absolutely twisted, coming home with a load of swords.

Me waking up the next day with a room full of swords. pic.twitter.com/4fNWkAmhBY

— the dog band (@meandmydog69) September 13, 2016

That's why humor enthusiasts must seek out posts that fit their particular, and peculiar, sense of humor, and the best way to do that is by locating a roundup that immediately grabs your attention with a Tweet like this:

guys i've cracked the code pic.twitter.com/P0TqxUV4eM

— daisyowl (@daisyowl) August 20, 2017

And even better- when the roundup ends with a brilliant Tweet that leaves you wanting more:

I fixed giraffes. pic.twitter.com/QtavtoFRAt

— joey alison sayers (@joeyalison) August 22, 2017

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