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France Goes Wild In the Streets After Their World Cup Win

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France Goes Wild In the Streets After Their World Cup Win

The moment that Samuel Umtiti sunk a soccer ball into the goal to catapult the French national team to victory over Belgium, the tens of thousands of fans who had packed the Champs-Élysées in Paris to watch the match erupted into a wild celebration. To mark the fact that France is heading to the final of the World Cup for the first time since 2006.

There was cheering, dancing, and raucous celebrating that filled the streets of the French capitol for hours. Eventually, the celebration turned from fun to fraught, which was too much for the city police, as, according to The Telegraph, some fans threw bottles and other projectiles. Riot police launched smoke grenades into the crowd to disperse the fans. There were several reported injuries and at least one arrest.

France last won the World Cup in 1998 when the country hosted the tournament. If they win again, hopefully the crowds will give the police no cause to break up the party. Whether you’re rooting for Umtiti, Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, or France as a whole the party will continue when France faces off against either England or Croatia in the World Cup final on Sunday at 11 a.m. ET.

ITS CRAZY IN FRANCE OMGGGG 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 #FRABEL pic.twitter.com/JsT6OVcYqu

— Camilla® (@HerWonkEye) July 10, 2018

Les Champs-Élysées présentement. #FranceBelgique #FRABEL #AllezlesBleus #AllezLaFrance pic.twitter.com/w7EgXReFNL

— Antoine Léaument (@ALeaument) July 10, 2018

So proud of our football team !! We've reached the final 🇫🇷 Let's be amazing on Sunday! #allezlesbleus #football #champselysees #final #worldcup #fifaworldcup #fifa pic.twitter.com/Fxfoqtf3xk

— Stéphanie Pouchoy (@Stef_Pouchoy) July 10, 2018

And the celebrations begin in Paris as France 🇫🇷 is headed to the World Cup Finals #FRA pic.twitter.com/WviSc8sXJk

— Sports ON Tap (@SONTSports) July 10, 2018

Celebration in France #WorldCup #FranceBelgique pic.twitter.com/oZ1oCgAxX1

— Adrián Genesir (@AGenesir) July 10, 2018

Kicked off our time in Paris watching France beat Belgium! What a celebration! Allez les bleus! #WorldCup #FRABEL pic.twitter.com/0EfMG0J07u

— Alejandro Góngora (@AlejandroGongo1) July 11, 2018


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