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15 Real-Life Family Secrets

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15 Real-Life Family Secrets

Buzzfeed solicited its readers for family secrets and got a ton of stories in return. As you might expect, many of them involve extramarital affairs and children with secret paternity. But some of them could be movie plots.

"My husband's grandmother was a Jewish teenager during WWII and was placed into a concentration camp. During this time, a Nazi guard fell in love with her and would bring her extra food, clothing, etc. He continued to protect her to keep her alive. When the war was over, she came to the US and started a new life. She told this secret to our family just days before she passed away."


"My great-grandmother's brother married a woman who always looked extremely put together – perfect makeup and hair, etc. When she was on her deathbed, she admitted that she was actually black (albeit fairly light-skinned). She 'disguised' herself using makeup and hair relaxers because she couldn't have legally married her white husband as a black woman, and she never felt that their love would be accepted unless she was able to pass. Of course her husband knew, but no one else in the family did. No one was mad when they found out, which might have been the saddest part. The two never had children, and my great-grandma's brother never remarried."

—Mandy Caruso, Facebook

There are also wild stories of bigamy, a kidnapping, and a murder among the family secrets included at a roundup at Buzzfeed. And even more in the comments.

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