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How Arrow Season 7 Will Be Affected By Oliver's Time In Prison

Oliver's time in prison will impact Arrow Season 7 and this is how.


Krypton Season 2 Is Adding A Major DC Comics Character

The show has striven to tell a story in the DC multiverse that goes in a remarkable variety of directions and introduce live action characters to the small screen we may never have seen before.


Don Cheadle Is The New Donald Duck For Disney's DuckTales

Don Cheadle will guest star as the new voice of Donald Duck on Disney's DuckTales.


‘Family Guy’ to Rename the Show’s High School After Adam West — and ‘Stick It to James Woods’

“Family Guy” will rename the high school seen on the animated series after the late Adam West. West, who died last year, had recurred as the Mayor of Quahog on the animated series. “We thought it was fitting to pay tribute to him, not only as a character but a person in our lives,&...


‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Dave Bautista Is ‘Not OK’ With James Gunn Being Fired

James Gunn was swiftly fired from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” yesterday after offensive tweets he’d made years earlier resurfaced, and at least one of his collaborators isn’t happy about it. Dave Bautista, who played Drax the Destroyer in the first two “Guardians&r...


The Archer Story That Had To Be Cut From Danger Island

Archer rarely holds back when it comes to telling wild stories on the small screen, but there's one storyline that couldn't make the cut.


Apparently Cobra Kai Filmed Different Versions Of Its Big Season One Finale

The following story will contain spoilers for season one of Cobra Kai, so please stop reading if you haven't yet seen the season. And go watch it, now!


What We Know So Far About Z Nation's Netflix Prequel

Netflix has spent the last several years building up a lineup of original content and TV partnerships that bring subscribers some of the most interesting content on television, all primed and ready for binge-watching. Now we're getting a Z Nation prequel.


‘Halloween’: Jamie Lee Curtis on Why David Gordon Green’s Bloodcurdling Sequel Is the Perfect Film for the #MeToo Era

Jamie Lee Curtis announced she would reprise her first film role less than three weeks before allegations against Harvey Weinstein ignited the #MeToo movement (see tweet below). With decades of experience in an industry notorious for sexism, workplace harassment, and worse, she sensed that for women...


James Gunn Scraps Comic-Con Announcement Following His ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Dismissal

James Gunn was set to announce a sinister-sounding new project Friday night during Sony’s San Diego Comic-Con presentation, but hours after losing directing duties on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” he was a no-show. This afternoon, Gunn learned he would no longer helm his t...

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