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Should Brianna Take Danae Back After Their Explosive Young And Pregnant Fight?

Brianna called the cops on Danae and kicked him out after an explosive 'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' fight. But will she take him back in the end?


Elizabeth Olsen: Netflix Isn’t Killing Cinema, It’s Helping Indie Films Find Their Audience

This month at the movies includes a pair of Elizabeth Olsen-starring films, thanks to two features exploring decidedly different release strategies. Of course there’s this week’s big budget blockbuster, “Avengers: Infinity War,” which features the actress reprising her role a...


Tricky maths problem sweeping social media leaves many scratching their heads

Mathematician Ed Southall, from the University of Huddersfield, posted an image of a pink triangle inside a square, along with the deceivingly simple question: 'What fraction is shaded?'


Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard 'eyed up by Rangers to become their new manager'

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is being viewed as a potential permanent successor to Portuguese boss Pedro Caixinha, who was sacked as manager of the Scottish giants seven months ago.


The Time The Nazis Tried To Invent Their Own 'Jurassic Park'

By Cracked Writers  Published: April 25th, 2018 


'Bachelor' Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Fianceé Lauren Burnham Buy Their First House Together

It's the final...sale! Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his fianceé, Lauren Burnham, have officially bought their first home together. The pair,... Read More >>


New research suggests the atmosphere of Uranus is largely comprised of hydrogen sulfide, which gives rotten eggs their repulsive smell.

Credit: NASA/JPL-CaltechThere's a lot of really smelly stuff wafting around Uranus. The clouds in Uranus' upper atmosphere are composed largely of hydrogen sulfide, the molecule that makes rotten eggs so stinky, a new study suggests. "If an unfortunate human were ever to descend thr...


Successful Writers Share The Overly Critical Things Their Moms Say About Their Work

Having parents who put pressure on you can be a double-edged sword. For one, it's great because if they're pressuring you to do great things and achieve something awesome in life so you can be happy with yourself, well, that's some awesome child-rearing skills right there.But then there are times yo...


To Spoil or Not to Spoil? TV Critics Reveal Their Policies About That Shocking Event — IndieWire Survey

Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best show currently on TV?” can be found at the end of this post.) This week’s question:  What is your spoiler policy regardin...


New mothers need their first check-up within 6 weeks of giving birth, new rules declare

The American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians is now calling for women to see their doctors nine weeks sooner after giving birth to screened for life-threatening complications.

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