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Accused school shooter: I didn't want to kill people

19-year-old Sky Bouche sits down with reporter in jailhouse interview saying shooting at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida was cry for help.


Nashville schools in 'lock-out' mode as manhunt intensifies for Waffle House shooting suspect

Nashville public schools are going into "lock-out" mode on Monday as authorities intensify the search for a gunman who police said opened fire in a Waffle House restaurant early Sunday, killing four before a customer wrestled the weapon away.


16 Loser Moments from High School As Relateable as they Are Devastating

People on Twitter share the stories from high school that molded them into the high piles of quivering shame they are proud to be today. Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , loser , stories , funny Share on Facebook


What if you could get WiFi and school tuition in exchange for your plastic trash?

You can — at a visionary social enterprise called Plastic Bank, which is not only improving people’s lives but keeping junk from going into the ocean. Imagine a store where you could buy what you need using your plastic garbage. Not just food or household items like detergent but valuabl...


Man Shares Hilarious Note His Dad Wrote To School When He Got In Trouble As A Kid

Writer Seann Walsh was going through some old papers when he came across a letter his dad faxed (yes, faxed) to his school after he got in trouble one day for violating the dress code. It has people screaming:It reads: Sean tells me you have confiscated his sweater. He tells me that in class he conf...


School shooting documentary about the Parkland students is coming to Freeform

Freeform will look back at the effects of the brutal shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl. with the documentary For Our Lives: Parkland. The hour-long documentary will catch up with the heroic students who have been campaigning for gun control ever since a gunman opene...


Cute Dogs Wait Kids Going Home on the School bus

A happy video inspring by the movie Wonder. "Everytime I came home from hospital Daisy was here.She was a real firend and real friends are hard to find" Auggie


Tennessee boy, 7, dragged off school bus by feet in shocking video

A 7-year-old boy from Memphis was dragged off a school bus by his feet, a video of the incident shows.


Middle school students should start school later, study claims

Starting school at 8.37am, not 8am, gave students an average 17 extra minutes of sleep a night and left kids more awake in class, the study team reports in the Journal of School Health.


The Weird Nazi Tiny Tanks You Never Learned About In School

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