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Apple Celebrates Earth Day With Ziggy Marley Concert, Apple Music Playlists, and $0.99 iTunes Movies Rentals

Today is Earth Day, and around the globe people are celebrating the annual event through demonstrations and gatherings aimed at showing support for the planet and protecting the environment. Apple began celebrations this past week in its retail stores, sending green shirts for its employees to wear...


The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Playlists: All You Need to Know

It’s a question asked often: “What’s the best music streaming service?” My answer is, it depends. It’s Spotify if you are willing to give up some cash for a high-quality audio experience. But if you love free, then it’s YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube isn’t...


How to Create Podcast Playlists That Pull Episodes From Multiple Podcasts

If you’re looking for a way to create a playlist of podcast episodes from multiple podcasts for later listening, there are a couple of ways you can do that in a pretty seamless manner. How to Build Podcast Playlists Using ListenNotes Let’s say you’ve spotted an episode of a podcast...


Bed Beats app can create custom playlists while you have sex

Bed Beats, which is $1.99 for iOS and Android users, measures the movements on your mattress while you and your partner are having sex and then curates a music selection based on them.


How to Automatically Add New Videos to YouTube Playlists

YouTube can make you want to learn a new subject. You just need to discover the best new videos on a topic of interest and set up a playlist. There are many ways to set up YouTube for learning but nothing beats a well-organized playlist. Starting a new playlist from scratch is easy. But configuring...


Apple Partners With 2018 BRIT Awards, Shares New Apple Music Feature and Playlists

Apple today announced on Twitter that it was the official digital music partner of the 2018 BRIT Awards, which is celebrated each year with a major awards ceremony in London. The 2018 BRIT Awards, which just wrapped up, featured performances from artists like Justin Timberlake, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran,...


How to Ask Siri on HomePod to Play Apple Music Playlists, Genres, Moods, and More

One of the main uses for Siri on HomePod is to control your Apple Music collection. There are Siri voice commands for accessing content like playlists, genres, moods, liking or disliking songs, playing more music based on something you've heard, starting a new radio station, and much more. Because...


Spotify launches a new free app for streaming its own curated playlists

Spotify has launched Stations, a new ad-supported app that lets you listen to playlists curated by the company at no charge. It’s presently only available for Android to users in Australia, and has been labeled an ‘experiment,’ so it isn’t yet clear whether it’ll arrive...

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TIDAL 101: How to Create & Edit Playlists

Playlists are a vital feature for any music streaming service. For many, the ability to add and organize songs into the perfect order is a deciding factor in which streaming service to choose. The folks at Tidal (including owner Jay-Z) certainly recognize this, as they've provided users with the to...


Therapist reveals playlists to treat 7 health issues

Want to feel better fast? Pick a tune or instrument. Music therapist Dr Stella Compton-Dickinson has a guide to how music affects mood.

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