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J.J. Abrams Denies ‘Overlord’ Is A ‘Cloverfield’ Spin-Off But Confirms Plans For A “True” Sequel

It’s been widely speculated that “Overlord,” a new film directed by Julius Avery, would be yet another secret “Cloverfield” sequel, a la “10 Cloverfield Lane” and “The Cloverfield Paradox.” The film, which J.J. Abrams (the “Cloverfield&rdqu...


Target plans to build hundreds of EV chargers at stores across 20 states

Target wants to make your next shopping trip worth the drive, so it's adding hundreds of charging stations for electric vehicles to its parking lots across the country. SEE ALSO: There's a glaring weakness in electric vehicles. (It's range anxiety.) The big-box retailer announced Monday an expanded...


CIA plans to replace spies with AI

Human spies will soon be relics of the past, and the CIA knows it. Dawn Meyerriecks, the Agency’s deputy director for technology development, recently told an audience at an intelligence conference in Florida the CIA was adapting to a new landscape where its primary adversary is a machine, not...


Inside the Marshall Islands’ plans to launch its own legal tender cryptocurrency

You would be forgiven for letting the Marshall Islands slip your mind. The tiny nation of around 53,000 people sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, cast away from Silicon Valley or Switzerland’s Zug Valley, but it’s quietly plotting a project that could have a major impact on how cry...


AT&T, Verizon under investigation over alleged anti-consumer eSIM plans

AT&T, Verizon, and GSMA are said to be under investigation over claims they colluded to make it more difficult for users to switch networks using eSIM technology. eSIM technology development “on hold” pending the investigation. A Verizon spokesperson reportedly dismissed the inquir...


Rod Stewart, 73, exclusively CONFIRMS UK tour and dismisses retirement plans – as he reveals when and how to get tickets

Penny Lancaster, Sir Rod Stewart, sister Mary Stewart and daughter Renee Stewart attend a screening of "Rod The Mod" at BFI Southbank [Getty]   Legendary singer Rod Stewart, 73, has confirmed the incredible news that he won’t be retiring anytime soon – and will be back on...



"Our latest Formula 1 2018 feature on Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. The pressure is on Red Bull Racing with a major decision ahead on which power unit to use from 2019, to stick with Renault or switch over to Honda; despite Daniel Ricciardo’s stunning win in China. The former four-time F1 World Co...


AT&T is Adding a New Prepaid Option, Upgrading Other Plans, Offering $10 Off for AutoPay

If you are a part of AT&T Prepaid or were considering it, we’ve got some changes to discuss that will go into effect tomorrow. AT&T will add a new option to its prepaid line, upgrade its best unlimited plan, and offer bigger autopay discounts on select plans. They are also tweaking the...


Cheaper rates and more data coming to AT&T prepaid plans

Blii Bradford/Flickr Some AT&T prepaid plans are getting a bigger autopay discount. The higher-tier prepaid plans are getting either a heavier discount or more hotspot data. Discounts for combining lines are also increased. AT&T is revamping its prepaid plans, adding in new features...


5 Movie Plans You Never Realized Were Actually Insane

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