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Outrage after offensive adverts are spotted in video games played by CHILDREN

Parents are outraged after their children were forced to view offensive ads as they played what they thought were harmless puzzle apps. The ads appeared in games Crazy Cake Swap and 2048.


Outraged Mom Shares School Textbook That Says Slave Owners Were 'Kind'

Many teachers, politicians, and parents across the United States believe that the public school system is seriously underfunded. For decades, parents have shown time and again in polls that a lack of funding is their number one concern about schools. This lack of funding often leads schools to...


Starbucks apologises as outrage grows at arrest of two black men while they waited for friend

Starbucks has apologised to two black men who were arrested while waiting for a friend at one of its branches in Philadelphia. Cellphone footage shows the pair being placed in handcuffs and led quietly from the store while perplexed onlookers can be heard saying they had done nothing wrong. An apo...


NY Times Op-Ed slamming 'Chappaquiddick' film as 'character assassination' spurs online outrage

Ted Kennedy detractors took to Twitter to slam a liberal writer and historian who condemned the new Chappaquiddick film as “character assassination” in an opinion piece in The New York Times.


Outrage at Kimmel comments on Melania surges as protest petition exceeds 50K signatures

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's recent jokes about first lady Melania Trump are apparently offending a lot of viewers.


Experts say internet 'amplifies the rewards of expressing outrage'

Science writer Gaia Vince explains social media's effects on communication. In an essay for Mosaic, Vince explores the reasons trolls are fearless online.


New York Magazine reporter doubles down as outrage grows over alleged home invasion of Corey Lewandowski’s DC crash pad

The unapologetic New York Magazine journalist Olivia Nuzzi — who admitted to entering the home office of Corey Lewandowski without permission for a story — has doubled down by trying to justify her actions amid online outrage.


Outrage over weed-infused soda in California

A startup company launched a weed-infused soda in an effort to provide an alternative to alcoholic drinks. However, doctors are worried children could mistake this drink for regular soda.


Charlize Theron says teachers arming themselves is an 'outrageous' solution to gun violence

Actress Charlize Theron has called the idea of U.S. teachers arming themselves as a gun violence solution following recent U.S. school shootings, "so outrageous."


A Heinous Mistake With Jam on a Scone Spreads Outrage in England

Do you first apply a layer of cream to your scone or do you start with a foundation of jam for the cream to rest on? The argument over that bit of afternoon tea etiquette has raged on for years between scone-eating residents of Devon and Cornwall. Now, an historical home in Cornwall has been forced...

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