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An organised walking holiday in rural north-west Italy

In north-west Italy, ancient 'Percorsi Occitani' trails have been newly linked and waymarked to attract more walkers. Martin Symington books with Inntravel for a fuss-free way of exploring on foot.


In northern Myanmar, a forgotten conflict intensifies

The war between Myanmar's army and ethnic Kachin rebels is intensifying in the country's north.


Falcon Northwest Tiki 2018 review

The original Falcon Northwest Tiki was one of our all-time favorite gaming PCs. We loved its compact form factor, powerful internals, and unique exterior design. That means the 2018 model has some big shoes to fill. The post Falcon Northwest Tiki 2018 review appeared first on Digital Trends.


FOX NEWS FIRST: Intense manhunt in Waffle House shooting; Trump to play hardball with North Korea

Plus, Kate Middleton in labor, Pompeo faces uphill battle in confirmation


North Korea's nuclear announcement is clearly a publicity stunt, US lawmakers say

Lawmakers across the aisle Sunday described North Korea’s announcement that it would halt nuclear tests and missile launches as essentially a publicity stunt.


Kim Kardashian's Purse Looks Like It's Straight Outta North West's Closet and the Comments Are Hilarious

What cha got in that bag, Kim Kardashian?! Fans are calling out the KKW Beauty mogul for the microscopic purse she sported at her high school... Read More >>


Historic hotline links South, North Korean leaders ahead of rare summit

North and South Korea opened the first-ever telephone hotline between their leaders Friday ahead of a rare summit next week focusing on de-escalating the nuclear standoff.


Mike Pompeo: CIA chief made secret trip to North Korea - BBC News

CIA director Mike Pompeo travelled to Pyongyang for a secret meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, US President Donald Trump has confirmed. A "good relationship" was formed at the meeting last week, Mr Trump tweeted on Wednesday. News of the visit first emerged on Tuesday. US officials were...


The Hunt for Wonder Drugs at the North Pole

Gathered around a white plastic table, four scientists surgically explored a quaking pile of mud, freshly scraped from the bottom of the ocean and spiked with twitching tentacles and antennae. In the persistent dusk of an Arctic October, illuminated only by the navigation lights of their ship, the s...


Trump says North Korea, South Korea have his 'blessing' to try ending decades-long war

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that North Korea and South Korea will be meeting to end their decade’s long war and that both countries have his “blessing.”

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