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How to See Lyrics for Currently Playing Songs on Spotify

Spotify has an entirely justified reputation for removing useful and much-loved features. One of the lost features which caused the most outcry among users was the removal of song lyrics. In its place, Spotify introduced the largely unimpressive Behind the Lyrics. Instead of showing you the lyrics o...


Lorde Has Deleted And Apologised For A Bathtub Photo She Captioned With Whitney Houston Lyrics

Oh Lorde-y. Earlier today Lorde uploaded a photo on Instagram of a bathtub with the caption "And iiii will always love you". Instagram: @www.instagram.com/lordemusic/?hl=en Unfortunately the singer didn't seem to realise the reference was distastef...


Pink flubs lyrics to hit song 'Who Knew' at NYC concert: 'I forgot the words. S---!'

Pink forgot the lyrics to her hit song "Who Knew" at a concert Wednesday night at New York City's Madison Square Garden, but somehow she pulled off the flub like a rock star.


Pink Forgets the Lyrics to Her Song During N.Y.C. Concert — and Fans Love Her For It

So what? She’s still a rock star! During her concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Wednesday evening, Pink forgot the lyrics to the second verse of her 2006 single “Who Knew.” The three-time Grammy winner, 38, did not let the mistake faze her, laughing it off an...


The Weeknd SLAMS Selena Gomez & Wants Bella Hadid Back In Cryptic New Lyrics?

More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews We’re decoding The Weeknd’s surprising new album lyrics, and it sounds like Selena Gomez might have really broken his heart... But while SelGo may have broken his heart, it might have always belonged to Bella Hadid the whole time… Last night at...


Miley Cyrus Is Being Sued For Allegedly Lifting ‘We Can’t Stop’ Lyrics

Miley Cyrus is being sued by Jamaican musician Michael May over her 2013 hit 'We Can't Stop.'


Twitter Praises Harry Styles For Being "Bisexual Icon" With New Song Lyrics

More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Fans are praising Harry Styles as a bisexual icon after hearing the lyrics to his new song, “Medicine.” Harry is only on the third night of his solo arena tour and he’s already leaving fans SHOOK. The topic of Harry Styles‘ sexual orientation ha...


Logic Knows His Lyrics About Being Biracial Have Become Memes

Logic opens up to Zane Lowe about his lyrics on race becoming memes.


35 Of The Most Hilarious, Heartbreaking, And Inspirational Song Lyrics From 2017

“Life is full of sweet mistakes / And love’s an honest one to make.” From "Hard Feelings/Loveless" by Lorde —loladewit Getty Images From "If I Dare" by Sara Bareilles —stephkirstena Fr...


Nick Jonas Admits Lyrics To 'Wedding Bells' Were About Miley Cyrus!

So, Miley Cyrus was recently put BACK on Nick Jonas's radar during a recent Q&A Nick did with Wired for their Autocomplete Interview Series! In the clip we’re about to show, Nick is given questions that come from the most-searched Google query algorithm! It’s pretty funny what people will ask! Sub...

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