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BIGGER Vs More Lived-In Open Worlds In Gaming

Open world gaming has been dominating for years. But as game worlds get bigger and bigger, are we losing out on quality? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv


Modular phones haven’t lived up to the initial hype, here’s why

Modular phones seemed to make so much sense: snap in and out different components, customize your device, quickly add unique features, and never be stuck with a boring black square. So why haven’t the likes of Moto Mods and unique paccessories boosted modular phones to popularity? The modular...


Long-lived bowhead whales found singing over 180 different songs

Bowhead whales are mysterious, Arctic-dwelling creatures. Scientists believe they can live for over two centuries, and even so, they largely avoid getting cancer. In the 1990s, an old stone spearhead — a weapon that hadn't been used since the 1800's — was found embedded in a bowhead whal...


6 TV shows that lived on after ending on TV

There’s perhaps nothing sadder than seeing a beloved TV show come to an end. However, there exists a handful of shows that did not let losing the weekly televised format stop them from moving their character’s stories forward in another medium.


Four eyes are better than two, or at least that was the case for a monitor lizard that lived close to 50 million years ago.

Credit: Wikimedia CommonsNearly all animals have two eyes, but there are rare exceptions. Crustaceans in the appropriately named family Cyclopidae, aka Cyclops, for example, see their world through a single large eye. On the other side of the spectrum are giant clams, which have hun...


One million people lived in uninhabited areas of Amazon

Archaeologists from the University of Exeter have uncovered 'uninhabited' areas of the Amazon were actually home to thriving populations of up to a million people from 1250 until 1500 AD.


5 Real People Who Lived Crazy Double Lives (And Succeeded)

By Wes Corwin,Tiago Svn,E.M. Caris,Greg Tuff,Andrea Meno  Published: March 20th, 2018 


Stephen Hawking Lived Beyond His Body

Midnight. As I was browsing the internet, I saw, like shooting stars, emails suddenly appear and disappear from the right-hand corner of my computer screen. The first from CNN announcing the death of Stephen Hawking, the second from an editor at The Atlantic asking me to write about him.I had writte...


The oldest nuclear DNA ever recovered in Africa shows that people who lived in what is now Morocco 15,000 years ago were related to populations from both within and outside of the continent.

Credit: Abdeljalil BouzouggarTravelers jetting from a city like Tel Aviv in Israel to Casablanca in Morocco fly about 2,320 miles during a 5-hour-long journey. Even by today's standards, the trip is lengthy. Anthropologists over the decades have therefore thought that populations in...


Stephen Hawking Lived For Over 50 Years With ALS. Here’s Why That’s Unusual.

Hawking, who died this week at age 76, may have lived longer with ALS than any patient in history. Here’s what we know about the disease, and his case in particular. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in...

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