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‘Scarface’ At Tribeca: 7 Highlights From The 35th Anniversary Screening

The ornate Beacon Theatre served as the perfect setting for the Tribeca Film Festival’s 35th Anniversary of “Scarface,” Brian De Palma’s baroque epic of American greed. The film’s wide and enduring appeal was evident in the diversity of the rowdy, sold-out crowd, which...


Bloom Farms x Uncrate Highlighter Plus

Happy 4/20. With marijuana legal in nine states and D.C., cannabis strains are already being pored over and compared as closely as rare wine and fine cigars. So when Bloom...Visit Uncrate for the full post.


Ryanair passenger pleads guilty to assaulting crew, grabbing flight attendant's behind while drunk

He reportedly drank half a bottle of vodka and four ciders before boarding.


German airport allowing flights to depart while city defuses WWII bomb

Anxious air travelers departing Tegel Airport may be in for a fright today.


Southwest Airlines gives some passengers on harrowing flight $5,000 as compensation, letter says

Some passengers aboard the harrowing Southwest Airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing earlier this week received thousands of dollars in compensation after one person was killed when one of the plane's engine exploded midair.


Scientists engineer fruit flies to ejaculate when exposed to red light

To better understand how ejaculation fits into the motivations behind the mating process in animals, from insects to mammals, a team international scientists has conducted a bizarre experiment.


Black Lightning Star On The Moral Complexities Of Playing The Villain

Marvin Jones III on 'Black Lightning,' playing the villain, and where Tobias Whale goes from here.


Comedian Live Tweets Hilariously Horrendous Flight With Worst Passenger Ever

The real wonder in all this is how he pulls it off. Just the kind of crazy travel story you'd expect to see coming from Spirit Airlines corner.  Submitted by: Tagged: wtf , cringe , live tweet , ridiculous , traveling Share on Facebook


Delta flight makes emergency landing: 'We left a tire in NYC,' says passenger

The Delta Connection flight, which was operated by ExpressJet, was headed from New York to Richmond, Va., on Tuesday when the crew reported problems with the aircraft’s landing gear


How to Batch Edit Photos Quickly Using Lightroom

If you’re a big fan of Adobe Lightroom, you probably already know all the tips and tricks to editing awesome photos, but how can you speed up that workflow? How can you save yourself from hours of work when you have a large batch of photos to work on? This article will show you how to batch ed...

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