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10 Greatest Illuminati Conspiracies

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15 Greatest Student Food Hacks Ever

So you’re about to grab a bite at your college cafeteria, but you are BORED TO DEATH with the stuff they have available. You’re in the right place. If you’re looking to try something new, here are 15 ways to take the boring stuff in your cafeteria and hack it into something deliciously new Check ou...


Why populism is the greatest con in America | Martin Amis

There is no substitute for thinking—although modern-day America may have you believing otherwise. Novelist Martin Amis attributes the recent surge in anti-intellectualism to the populist politics sweeping the United States. "Populism relies on a sentimental and, in fact, very old-fashioned view that...


Lonely Planet reveals the world's greatest architectural marvels

A new book from Lonely Planet called Amazing Architecture: A Spotter's Guide has revealed 120 of the world's greatest human constructions and where to see them.


The Best Moments From the Greatest Troll in the History of the Internet: Ken M

One of the most dedicated and most active trolls in the history of the internet, Ken M, has given us quite a few laughs over the years. Here's some of his best from his escapades around the internet.  Submitted by: Tagged: art of trolling , trolling , ken m , funny , win Share on Fac...


Discovering some of Australia's greatest vineyards

Colin Thorne discovers two must-visit New South Wales vineyards - Wily Trout Vineyard and Clonakilla, the latter making wines 'just as complex as the great wines of France'.


WWE: Undertaker Dream Match Added To Greatest Royal Rumble

When WWE first started announcing matches for the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble, which will take place in Saudi Arabia later in April, it was revealed that The Undertaker would once again return to the ring. After a quick victory over John Cena at Wrestlemania 34--following what is arguably the wor...


The Greatest Horror Movie Sequels Of All Time

If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Sequels: Hollywood loves them, and film fans love to complain about them. With studios desperate to squeeze even the basest of horror concepts for one more blood-curdling scare, Hollywood's sequelitis has run as rampant in the horror gen...


15 of Life's Greatest SFW Pleasures

Those things that give you that great spine-tingling feeling.  Submitted by: Tagged: pleasure , awesome , askreddit Share on Facebook


Wrestlemania: 10 Greatest Matches Ever!

In celebration of Wrestlemania 34, Greg lists 10 of the best matches in Wrestlemania history!

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