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Exploring the Mirror Link Between Two Geometric Worlds

Decades after stumbling upon a stunning coincidence, researchers are close to understanding the link between two seemingly unrelated geometric universes.


Exploring a controversial net neutrality opinion: Not all data should be treated equally

Washington recently became the nation’s first state to pass net neutrality legislation, a law in which violations by all internet service providers (ISPs) are enforceable, under Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. Net neutrality, or the principle that all internet data must be treated...


Facebook exploring forensic audits to investigate Cambridge Analytica claims

Following outrage over a data breach that may exposed approximately 50 million Facebook accounts and resulted in a $40 billion decline in its market cap, the social network has hired a digital forensics firm "to conduct a comprehensive audit of Cambridge Analytica."


Exploring Ibiza's neighbour Formentera, a favourite of Sienna Miller

The Daily Mail's Mark Palmer found he was distracted by a stream of nudity after landing on the island of Formentera.


See Kendall Jenner Rap About Exploring Her Unmentionables in Lil Dicky's NSFW Music Video — and All the Other Celeb Cameos

Kendall Jenner … the rapper? In Lil Dicky’s new NSFW music video (which features explicit language) for his song “Freaky Friday” featuring Chris Brown, the reality star and model makes a surprise cameo in the last 20 seconds of the song. After morphing into Ed Sheeran and DJ...


From Music to Mathematics: Exploring the Connections (Review)

A review of Gareth Roberts's book From Music to Mathematics: Exploring the Connections -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com


See With Your Ears: Exploring The Sound Design In Steven Spielberg’s ‘Munich’

When we watch a film, our ears and eyes are working in tandem. Audiences may be led to believe that is the visuals which is the most important of the two. Sound, however, offers a type of mastery to the puppet that is the visual. Our eyes and ears are interconnected when we see a movie. Often, it is...


Exploring The Order & Chaos In Stanley Kubrick’s Films

Director Stanley Kubrick has left behind a filmography where each picture is unlike the last. In fact, the true commonality they all share is Kubrick himself. Varying his characters, settings, and stories, Kubrick is revered for his attention to detail and willful nature to never compromise. Al...


Exploring a Welsh town in Argentina

MailOnline Travel recently explored Puerto Madryn, a remote town in Argentina that was settled by the Welsh in the mid-19th century in a bid to keep their culture alive.


Dan Talbot, In Memoriam: Exploring His Incalculable Legacy

Daniel Talbot, a distributor and exhibitor of enormous influence over specialized exhibition and distribution as well as the international film world, died Friday in Manhattan. He was 91. A memorial was held Sunday, December 31 at the Riverside Memorial Chapel with a capacity audience including many...

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