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Everyone Is Joking About The Sketch Of The Guy Stormy Daniels Says Threatened Her About Trump

Stormy Daniels appeared on The View Monday and released a composite sketch of the man she alleges threatened her in a Las Vegas parking lot. Daniels has revealed intimate details of her alleged affair with Donald Trump, and the money she was reportedly paid as an agreement for silence. Because of Da...


Cars Threaten Climate Goals in Blue States

With few coal plants left to shutter, transportation is the main hurdle to meeting emissions targets -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com


New York City mice carry life-threatening superbugs, viruses, study finds

Rats may be the biggest rodents to plague New York City, but they may not be the germiest.


Barcelona may rest players and risk unbeaten league season

Barcelona's star-studded squad were in high spirits as they prepared for Tuesday's clash against Celta Viga despite coach Ernesto Valverde considering resting several players.


These Working-Class Women Were Eaten Alive By Radium

The factory girls were told the radium they were ingesting was safe, but it turned out to be their demise. In 1898, Marie Curie and her husband Pierre discovered the element radium and earned two Nobel Prizes. But in 1934, Marie died from radiation exposure. The chemist's death was...


Apple Watch caught new mother's life-threatening thyroid condition

When 25-year-old Heather Hendershot's Apple Watch beeped and told her hear heart rate was too high while she watched TV in Kansas, she figured something was wrong with the watch, not her heart.


Stan Lee Denies Elder Abuse Reports & Threatens Legal Action

In a new video, Stan Lee vehemently denies recent reports alleging he is the victim of elder abuse and threatens to take legal action against outlets circulating the claims. Earlier this week, the entertainment world was shaken when a THR article was published, insinuating the Marvel Comics ic...


Saudis threaten to turn Qatar into an island

The Saudi blockade of its tiny neighbour Qatar could soon change the very geography of the region.Read More


Body parts from threatened wildlife being widely sold on Facebook

The complaint was initially filed in August on behalf of an undercover informant represented by the National Whistleblower Center, a non-profit legal advocacy group in Washington DC.


Ibrahimovic meets Beckham before LA Galaxy are beaten 2-0 by Kansas

Zlatan Ibrahimovic came off the bench just after the hour mark but couldn't inspire Los Angeles Galaxy to another stirring comeback as they were beaten 2-0 by Sporting Kansas City.

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