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An option to backup your Instagram data is coming soon (Update: Available on desktop)

  Update 4/24/2018 at 4:38 P.M. EST: Earlier this month, Instagram revealed that it planned to offer an Instagram backup tool for users. This would bring Instagram more in line with parent company Facebook when it comes to giving users the ability to make their data portable. Now, a...


Expand your screen space with a virtual desktop

DIY It's easier than buying a second computer monitor. To see all your files and windows more clearly, spread them out across a virtual desktop. Here's how to set up and use this tool on any computer.


3 Great Ways to Customize Desktop Icons on Windows

You probably spend a lot of time on your Windows desktop, so it makes sense to spend some time customizing it. It’s one part of the many ways you can customize Windows 10 as you see fit. A few quick tricks can make your desktop icons more attractive or useful. Here are a few options you might...


Put a Desktop GPU in a LAPTOP… The CHEAP WAY!

Buy CORSAIR's K63 Wireless Keyboard on Amazon at http://geni.us/ALHhmk Buy CORSAIR's MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad on Amazon at http://geni.us/5PM7 Buy CORSAIR's Dark Core SE Wireless Mouse on Amazon at http://geni.us/f4ViD Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at https://www.privateinter...


Best budget gaming PC 2018: top gaming desktops for less

Buying a new gaming rig doesn't have to cost you a fortune, as our list of the best budget gaming PCs demonstrates.While many people think that buying a gaming PC can cost the earth, there are some brilliant budget gaming PCs that through smart choices when it comes to components, can still deliver...


Get ready to text from your desktop using Android Messages

The folks over at XDA Developers uncovered screenshots of the process to link your phone to a text on desktop computers through Android Messages. While the feature hasn’t been confirmed by Google, this lets us know that a desktop texting app is imminent. There are plenty of third-p...


HP targets gamers on a budget with new Pavilion notebooks, desktops, and more

HP introduced a new family of notebooks, desktops, and even a 32-inch display under its Pavilion Gaming brand. The new family relies on eighth-generation Intel "U" and "H" processors, second-gen Ryzen CPUs from AMD, and more. The post HP targets gamers on a budget with new Pavilion notebooks, deskto...


HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop and desktops double down on accessible PC gaming

As it turns out, PC gaming has grown to be mighty profitable for PC makers, the latest of which to double down on widening that audience being none other than HP. The firm has announced three new Pavilion Gaming products aimed toward more mainstream or first-time PC gamers.These three new devices co...


7 Great Open-Source Desktop Apps Available on Android

We’re big fans of open-source software here at MakeUseOf. It’s free, secure, and flexible. Indeed, we love it so much that we’ve previously covered some of the best open-source Android apps and open-source desktop apps. But what about open-source apps that straddle the divide betwe...


Installing SODIMM Memory in a Desktop!?

Visit www.freshbooks.com/techtips for a free trial Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/linus-tech-tips Have you ever wondered if you could put laptop memory into a desktop? No? Let's do it anyway. What could go wrong? Buy SODIMM to DIMM adapters...

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