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CRISPR could one day help conservationists save our ocean’s coral

In a recent study, scientists demonstrated for the first time that the groundbreaking gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 can be successfully used on coral. The breakthrough suggests CRISPR could offer a boost for conservationists.


Top NFL Draft prospect's use of racial slur could doom him -- and 5 other stories to watch

The NFL Draft is a premier night for potential stars looking to make a name for themselves and is Christmas come early for the rabid football fan.


Avicii's family says late DJ 'could not go on any longer'

Avicii's family has released a second statement about their late son this week, saying the famed DJ "could not go on any longer" and that "he wanted to find peace."


Windows 10 April Update could be releasing May 8

A new leak suggests that the Windows 10 April Update, which was formerly known as both the Spring Creators Update and Red Stone 4, is set to land on May 8, which makes the recent name change a bit unfortunate.The update was previously delayed due to a critical bug being found, and now an internal me...


Xiaomi Mi Pad 4: Could this be first Xiaomi tablet to offer a Snapdragon chip?

mi.com The Mi Pad line of tablets generally offer some good specs for the price, even if they do look like rip-offs of Apple’s iPad Mini. Now, it would seem that the Mi Pad 4 is in the works… XDA-Developers has done its usual firmware sleuthing to uncover the existence of an upcoming...

Cars & Motorcycles

Could Bosch’s groundbreaking pollution control system save the diesel engine?

Many predict diesel will die, but Bosch might have found a way to save it. It uses readily available, off-the-shelf components it has improved to reign in NOx emission to levels well below the legal requirements. The post Could Bosch’s groundbreaking pollution control system save the diesel en...


Wild red wolves could be wiped out within a DECADE, experts warn

The only wild population of endangered red wolves is unsustainable and could be wiped out within a decade after dwindling to a few dozen, government officials said in a report Tuesday.


AMD Ryzen processors are racking up sales that could worry Intel

Fresh figures have come to light which show that AMD’s Ryzen processors are continuing to sell at quite some speed, with one particular model making excellent headway, and worrying Intel’s most popular CPUs.These statistics come from Mindfactory.de (as spotted by Wccftech.com), a German...


Mysterious mummy found in Iran could be father of last shah

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Construction workers in Iran may have unearthed the mummified remains of Reza Shah Pahlavi, the father of the country's last monarch, nearly four decades after the Islamic Revolution toppled the dynasty.


How a head injury could make you see yourself differently

Amy Schumer's insecure character in her new movie I Feel Pretty gets a new leash on life after a head injury changes her brain and gives her new confidence - and science says it may be possible.

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