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How to clear cookies

Cookies are useful when it comes to saving your login credentials and other data, but they can also be used by advertisers to track your browsing habits across multiple sites. Here's how to clear cookies in five major browsers. The post How to clear cookies appeared first on Digital Trends.


Doomsday AI machines could lead to nuclear war, think tank paper warns

Could the future of artificial intelligence lead to a robot doomsday?


Doomsday AI will cause a nuclear war by 2040 that could DESTROY humanity

The claims were made by the Rand Corporation, a non-profit based in Santa Monica, California, that offers research and analysis to the United States armed forces on global policy issues.


Marcus Smart Has Been Cleared Physically And May Play In Game 5 On Tuesday

Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who has been out with a torn tendon in his right thumb, has apparently been cleared physically and will play in Game 5 on Tuesday “if he feels good” following morning workouts: Marcus Smart has been cleared but Celtics will wait to see how he responds to cont...


North Korea's nuclear announcement is clearly a publicity stunt, US lawmakers say

Lawmakers across the aisle Sunday described North Korea’s announcement that it would halt nuclear tests and missile launches as essentially a publicity stunt.


Probe cleared Haspel in destruction of waterboarding tapes

A former top U.S. intelligence official says President Donald Trump's nominee to be the next CIA director was cleared of wrongdoing years ago in the destruction of 92 videotapes showing terror suspects being subjected to waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques.


'We've made it loud and clear, this has to stop'

Heather Nauert, Acting Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs and a State Department spokesperson told Sky's Hannah Thomas-Peter that the coalition have made their position on Assad clear.


Atoms From Nuclear Explosions Are Embedded in Your Brain, But You’re Fine

Scientists are using past atomic explosions to learn about our brains, and it’s completely changed how we think about aging. U.S. Nuclear Missiles Are Still Controlled By Floppy Disks - https://youtu.be/Y8OOp5_G-R4 Read More: Sorry, Adults, No New Neurons For Your Aging Brains https://www.npr.o...


What would happen if a nuclear bomb went off in a major city

Computer scientists from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University built computer models to predict how individuals might behave if a nuke exploded in Washington DC.



TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Lately, people talk a lot about ecology and it usually about sad things. Global warming, ozone holes, contamination... Ugh. But if you have already decided that there are no more clean lakes and rivers on our planet, then stop panicking! In fact, there are a lot of...

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