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This Woman Is Embracing Her Birthmarks In The Most Beautiful Way

Lorena Bolaños was born with a large congenital nevus, a type of mole, and faced her fears in a recent photo shoot for a project showcasing women with all kinds of bodies. When Lorena Bolaños was a child, a woman at a skating rink asked the staff to have her removed b...


Woman Tweets Legendary Story About Impromptu Water Birth While Traveling

CRAZIEST.BIRTH.STORY.EVER.  Submitted by: Tagged: crazy , twitter , pregnancy , ridiculous Share on Facebook


Cher Lloyd's belly button pops out as heavily pregnant X Factor star reveals she's working one month before giving birth

Cher Lloyd has returned to the limelight and revealed her huge baby bump [Getty] Pregnant singer Cher Lloyd left fans cooing over her latest photo on Instagram when she showcased her gorgeous baby bump. The X Factor star announced to fans that she's expecting her...


Royal baby: Prince William struggles to stay awake in Westminster Abbey following birth of Royal baby

Prince William appeared to dose off in hilarious footage during a service at Westminster Abbey [BBC] Prince William looked as if he couldn't keep his eyes open during a service at Westminster Abbey – after the birth of the Royal baby on April 23.  The Duke of Cambridge ap...


NHS birth control implant inserted into thousands 'disintegrates'

A new form of sterilisation on the NHS that didn’t involve surgery attracted thousands of British women. In some, the devices have ‘migrated’ or disintegrated leaving them in crippling pain.


New mothers need their first check-up within 6 weeks of giving birth, new rules declare

The American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians is now calling for women to see their doctors nine weeks sooner after giving birth to screened for life-threatening complications.


Controversial epilepsy drug that causes birth defects is banned

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has changed the licence for sodium valproate, which controls electrical functions in the brain to prevent life-threatening seizures.


Royal baby number three: Why Prince George and Princess Charlotte's birth certificate refers to Kate Middleton as a PRINCESS despite her Duchess of Cambridge title

Kate Middleton and Prince William show off their baby boy [Getty] Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed another baby boy on April 23, 2018, bringing their royal brood up to three. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as they're more formally known, are already parents to Prince George...


Amir Khan announces wife Faryal Makhdoom has given birth to their second child revealing the baby's sex and unique name

Amir Khan revealed his wife has given birth [Gettt] Amir Khan has announced his wife Faryal Makhdoom has given birth to their second child. The champion boxer took to Instagram to reveal the couple's happy news to his 1.2 million fans and shared an adorable selfie photo of him with...


Happy 13th birthday to the very first YouTube video

The first video uploaded to YouTube is finally a teen. Thirteen years ago on Monday — on April 23, 2005 — YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded this 18 second clip to the site just a few months after the domain was secured, and nothing's been the same since.  SEE ALSO: Sit ba...

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