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Woman Makes Prom Dress Out Of Garbage Bags After Being Called 'Trashy'

Prom season is upon us, and along with it, elaborate promposals and handcrafted dresses are going viral all over the place. Then there's Twitter user Amber Scholl, who's definitely taking the number one spot. When Scholl's YouTube followers asked her to make a prom-themed video, she decided to make...


Being cold can help you LOSE weight, study finds

A University of Tokyo study found that exposure to cold temperatures for long periods of time causes fat cells to become more efficient, improving blood sugar regulation and increasing metabolism.


Verne Troyer Cause of Death Being Investigated

Verne Troyer’s cause of death is being investigated, the Los Angeles Coroner’s office confirms to Us Weekly. Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths of All Time “Verne Troyer was admitted into the hospital with a high level of alcohol in his system, where he passed...


Man cheats death after being stabbed in skull with key

These incredible pictures show doctors treating a man who had a motorcycle key stuck in his skull during a brawl.


Network Shows In Danger Of Being Cancelled

The time has come to start worrying about the fates of certain TV series. Here's a rundown of network shows currently in danger of cancellation.


We perform BETTER when we have an audience despite being more nervous, say scientists 

Fear of social humiliation was found in a study of 20 people to spur them on to do better, according to researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (stock image).


Oxford dodo died after being shot in the head, scientists claim

The famous dodo head in Oxford's Ashmolean museum is the only intact dodo head in the world - all others are skulls. A CT scan has revealed it was blasted with a shotgun in the head from close range.


Maya Jama apologises after offensive 'dark skin b****h' tweet resurfaces – weeks after being announced as face of Maybelline every colour range

Maya Jama has been forced to apologise for making offensive comments about dark skinned women [Getty] Maya Jama has issued an apology for an offensive tweet about dark skinned women.   In a post which resurfaced from 2012, the Radio 1 presenter wrote: "'Dark skin bitches shaving the...


Kylie Jenner silences critics with sweet pictures of Stormi after being slammed for leaving her to attend Coachella

Kylie Jenner has shut down critics who 'mum shamed' her for attending Coachella without Stormi [Kylie Jenner/ Instagram] Kylie Jenner has shut down critics with new doting snaps of daughter, Stormi Webster after leaving her to attend Coachella. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians&nb...


5 Ways To Keep Your Superhero Movie From Being Terrible

By Ryan Menezes  Published: April 19th, 2018 

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