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Free up disk space automatically on Windows 10 with Storage Sense

Storage Sense is a relatively new feature of the Windows 10 operating system that users may enable to free up disk space by having Windows 10 delete files automatically on the system. If your Windows PC runs low on disk space all the time, you may find Storage Sense beneficial as it will free up dis...


How to Automatically Add New Videos to YouTube Playlists

YouTube can make you want to learn a new subject. You just need to discover the best new videos on a topic of interest and set up a playlist. There are many ways to set up YouTube for learning but nothing beats a well-organized playlist. Starting a new playlist from scratch is easy. But configuring...

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How to Stop Apps from Automatically Uninstalling Themselves on Your iPhone

If you've unlocked your iPhone lately and noticed some apps aren't fully installed anymore, you're not alone. After updating my device recently to a newer version of iOS 11, I didn't immediately understand what caused a few of my games to uninstall themselves. It turns out, there's a simple setting...

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Gmail 101: How to Use Priority Inbox to Automatically Filter Out Clutter

For many of us, getting to inbox zero is the highlight of our day. But if you used your email address to sign up for various sites and services, your inbox is probably cluttered with all sorts of spam, news letters, and unimportant emails. Thankfully, Gmail has a feature that can solve this by usin...


How Do You Feel About Being Automatically Tagged in Posted Pix?

Facebook has been cataloguing our faces because…um.Read More


Mindy Kaling Just Gave Birth to an Automatically Cool Baby

It’s a girl for Mindy Kaling! The Mindy Project creator and star, 38, welcomed her first child — a daughter named Katherine — on Friday, Dec. 15, E! News reports. A rep for Kaling had no comment on the happy news. The actress’ pregnancy news first broke in July but it wasn&rs...


Google’s new patent will automatically open, close laptops with just a touch

Google recently landed a patent that will enable notebooks to automatically open and close their lids with a simple touch of a finger. It also describes a similar touch-free method using a sensor that detects your proximity. The post Google’s new patent will automatically open, close laptops w...


5 Things Windows Can Clear Automatically on Shutdown

Your system can get bogged down over time, often with unnecessary data. Although you can clear this out manually, we’re going to show you how to automate these tasks to run every time you shut down the computer. From your browser’s cache to your temporary files, you’re sure to disc...


Google will no longer automatically populate search results as you type

Google will no longer automatically populate search results as you type because it just doesn’t work on mobile devices, and mobile devices are where most Google searches happen these days. Indeed, Instant Search is dead at last. See also:Google might bring auto-playing videos to s...

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Automatically Answer Phone Calls on Your iPhone in iOS 11

If you've ever missed an important phone call because you're hands were too dirty to touch the screen, you won't have to worry much longer about it happening again. Apple is remedying this age-old problem on the iPhone with a hidden feature in iOS 11 that ensures you'll never miss another call agai...

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