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Napoli travel to Juventus on Sunday hoping to keep Europe's only title race alive

With leagues in England, France and Germany already sewn up and Spain's La Liga all but won already, Serie A is the only undecided contest remaining in Europe's major five top-flights.


Ariana Grande’s ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ Teaser Keeps The Mystery Alive

Ariana Grande releases a snippet and artwork for "No Tears Left To Cry."


Is Every Hot Rapper Alive On Post Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys?

Post Malone shares the features on his upcoming album 'Beerbongs & Bentleys."


These Working-Class Women Were Eaten Alive By Radium

The factory girls were told the radium they were ingesting was safe, but it turned out to be their demise. In 1898, Marie Curie and her husband Pierre discovered the element radium and earned two Nobel Prizes. But in 1934, Marie died from radiation exposure. The chemist's death was...


To Keep NASA's Golden Age Alive, We Need More Telescopes--but Far Less Expensive Ones

A focus on costly space telescopes is hurting the field -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com


Biologist captures the horrifying moment snake rips a crab to shreds while it's still ALIVE

By tearing their victims limb from limb, the cat-eyed water snake, native to southeast Asia, can eat crabs that are four times larger than their jaw allows for, University of Cincinnati researchers say.


Why Do We Boil Lobsters Alive?

Whenever you enter a restaurant, you're putting your health in someone else's hands. Thousands of people get sick from food poisoning each year. But thankfully chefs can take steps to minimize the risk. One of those ways? Boiling lobsters alive. Turns out, those unusual tanks of live lobsters in res...


Ian Poulter keeps his Masters dream alive after stunning round at Houston Open

DEREK LAWRENSON IN HOUSTON: Ian Poulter simply refuses to give up on his Masters dream. Needing to win the Houston Open to claim the last spot to Augusta, he rose up the leaderboard.

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New Magic Leap Gesture Documentation Offers Insight into How Hands Will Make Its Digital World Come Alive

As the week of the Game Developer's Conference hits the mid-point, we've already had some major announcements hit the AR space. The specific timing of these announcements are thanks in part to a conference within a conference called VRDC, aimed at VR, AR, and MR developers. And while the week is ha...


Netflix’s ‘The Rain’ Teaser: Stay Dry, Stay Alive In This Danish Post-Apocalyptic Series

“The Rain” is an upcoming Netflix original series about a group of kids facing the post-apocalypse in Denmark. From the looks of its trailer, it’s part “Walking Dead,” part “Stranger Things,” and part any given CW show. Here’s the official synopsi...

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