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Tyronn Lue Compares LeBron James to Benjamin Button

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Tyronn Lue Compares LeBron James to Benjamin Button

LeBron James appears to be aging backwards.

According to Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue, LBJ underwent tests in the offseason that revealed that he has the body of a teenager.

New column: A 5th MVP? A 4th ring? LeBron opens the season as Benjamin Button https://t.co/pzHctzNxKa

— Dave McMenamin (@mcten) October 26, 2016

James, 31, threw down six dunks en route to his 43rd career triple-double in the Cavs’ season-opener Tuesday night.


“He had a chance to get tested this summer and they said he had a body of a 19-year-old,” said Cavs coach Tyronn Lue, when asked about the aerial exploits. “Maybe he’s getting younger: Benjamin Button. I don’t know. Who knows?”


“It’s in the works,” a source close to James said when asked just how much a fifth MVP — which would put him in the same company with only Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — is motivating the Cavs superstar. “He feels like he’s been slighted a few times already. Why not No. 5 in Year 14? Let’s go for it.”


“I feel great,” James said. “I feel great, man. I feel better than I felt at 19. Nineteen, I didn’t know my body. I didn’t know that … you can do things at 19 that you obviously can’t do at 31, but as far as being in shape and putting in all the training I put in during the season, I feel like I picked up right where I left off. I mean, I’m in a good groove so far.”

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