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If you have true friends and a wonderful sense of humor, you are doubly blessed. Here are 35 funny texts where friends compete with each other in eloquence and sharp-wittedness. Subscribe to Bright Side:

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Scriptwriters and novelists have been doing something creative for years that most people can’t: they have been creating monsters. Of course, most of them aren’t the depraved psychopaths they depict in their works, so you have to wonder how they came up with someone like Pinhead...

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American football, that is.

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Never masturbate again or masturbate five times a day…forever? View Entire List ›

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Photos show how Hurricane Maria devastated several Caribbean Islands, including Puerto Rico.

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Apple has finally realized that some people may need more than 24 hours to watch a movie. Or that they may want to watch a movie more than once after renting it. So, with that in mind, you can now watch any movies you have rented through iTunes for a full 48 hours after you first click...

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Much like the NES Classic console from last year, the SNES Classic is a bit of a hot commodity. With an assortment of retro games from the SNES library, there are many games getting a second chance in the spotlight, along with others that have stood the test of time and still hold up as some...

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